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10 Secrets to Building the Perfect Customer App

If you’ve tried to create a customer app for your salon or spa guests, you’ve probably discovered that it’s harder

Fred C. Reyes, Skin Station

Zenoti has improved every aspect of our operations. We can’t imagine how we can manage our 44 branches without Zenoti.–

5 Ways Mobile Apps Build a Better Customer Experience for Salon and Spa Guests

By now, we’ve all heard about the benefits of customer mobile apps — for salon and spa owners. But does

Your Brand

Customized to look and feel like the rest of your brand, from your logo and colors to your images and graphic style, to keep your brand to-of-mind.

Seamless Bookings

Guests get two-click self-scheduling and the option to browse and add on extra services, meaning your appointments get booked faster and bring in more revenue.

Automate & Save

Engineered to promote high guest self-booking rates, means you save on operational expenses and your staff gets to focus on building relationships through face-to-face interactions.

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