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Chris Scott, Founder, Skoah

Zenoti has added real strategic benefit as a partner. They were the only web-based system to meet our retail product

5 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback in Your Spa or Salon

It’s never easy to hear negative feedback. Often, negative feedback means you’ve lost a customer’s loyalty or that your relationship

Boosting Your Business Through Online Reviews

Salon and spa business owners are looking for ways to make sure they stand out from the crowd. One great

Automated for Better Response

Don’t leave your business’s reputation up to chance. With Zenoti Feedback, your customers leave feedback regardless of how they check out, meaning you collect more data about what’s working and what’s not.

Customer Satisfaction

Monitor and respond to customer feedback, with filters that enable you to sort. Create organizational reports to help your business monitor and manage at scale.

Staff Assessments

Incorporate customer feedback into employee assessments so that your staff can monitor their own ratings, learn and adjust.

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