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For any business, growth means profit. You may have gotten into this business to fuel your passion for making others

Dave Mortensen, Co-Founder & President, Self Esteem Brands

Dave Mortensen scaled Anytime Fitness to 4,000+ locations and has ambitious goals for Waxing The City. Hear why Zenoti is

Andrew Cannon, Co-Founder, Ruffians

Ruffians wanted a partner to help them supercharge their growth, while giving them the flexibility to manage the multiple sites

Flexible Points System

Create a robust program as simple as a flat points based system or as complex as a tiered points program. We make it easy.


Zenoti’s Loyalty Points is a powerful tool that motivates desirable behavior from your customers. Incentive higher spend and referrals with points for: referring a friend, spend on specific services, spend on retail, bookings made online etc.

Automated Engagement

Zenoti consistently sends texts and emails to your clients to announcing their points balance after they earn or redeem points to keep them excited and ensures your brand stays top of mind.

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