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3 Reasons to Go Paperless With Your Forms

If you’re using paper forms for intakes, consultation details or capturing customer signatures for legal compliance, it’s time to consider

The Right Information At Your Fingertips

Keep it simple, or have an arsenal of information at your fingertips. With our appointment book, you decide exactly what

Paul Roati and Carol Morgan, Cosmetic Skin Therapies

Cosmetic Skin Therapies was founded with the desire to make cosmetic treatments more convenient, safe and affordable to patients. Now

Streamline Processes

Improve record keeping by creating “required” fields to prompt your provider to capture notes according to your SOPs. Allow for eSignatures and easy text and image annotation to speed up your review process.

Customer Journey

Support the entire customer journey with intake forms to save time, notifications for your front desk staff, capture an eSignature from your patient on a single consent, capture data from consults and review notes post visit.

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