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Andrew Cannon, Co-Founder, Ruffians

Ruffians wanted a partner to help them supercharge their growth, while giving them the flexibility to manage the multiple sites

Zoe Withers, CFO, FaceGym

Face Gym is a chain of face “workout” studios with presence across the UK and New York. In this video,

Manage your Operations

Managing your business operations well is where the battle for the success of your business is won or lost. It’s

Stock Management Simplified

Zenoti makes stock audits easy, giving you full visibility 24X7. Simply scan barcodes to update quantities, and let stock level alerts inform you when the stock hits your order levels.

Visibility Across Locations

Managing inventory across multiple locations is time-consuming and fraught with error. Gain clear visibility into stock levels across all locations efficiently and effectively.

Manage Profitability

Identify your most popular products, as well as slower-moving products, to maximize profitability. Track retail sales and plan your marketing initiatives based on solid data.

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