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Manage your Operations

Managing your business operations well is where the battle for the success of your business is won or lost. It’s

Can One System Run 3 Businesses Under the Same Roof?

We get the chance to serve a lot of different customers here at Zenoti, but rarely do we find a

Transparency for Employees

If you’re like most salons and spas, payroll time can be chaotic, specifically due to commission payouts. Zenoti offers features to

Empower Your Employees

Empower employees with finger-tip access to their work schedule, day's appointments and guest profiles, commissions and tips earned, and preferences and their performance on KPIs.

Easy Reporting

Reports offer full transparency with real-time data, combine that with the ability to personalize the guest experience, and providers are in a position to succeed.

Better Collaboration for The Team

Staying in touch with staff has always been tricky for management teams in large networks. Zenoti enables easy communications and notifications so you’ll gain operational efficiency and build a culture that your staff appreciates.

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