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Enforce Cancellation & No Show Fees

You can choose to enforce customer cancellation or no show fees. Our end-to-end capabilities cover a variety of scenarios intended

Quicker And Easier Group Bookings

You may often have a request come in for a group booking, where a single customer calls in to book

Are You Randomly Assigning Appointments?

How does your front desk decide who gets assigned an appointment? Rather than randomly assigning customers to a service provider,

Free The Front Desk

The Booking Wizard quickly handles things like resource checks on room and equipment availability, adjusts total appointment times when services share a common service segment, and easily finds a popular provider’s next availability, even if it’s weeks out.

Easier Group Bookings

Simplify group bookings with built-in support for couples bookings as well as small groups and even large groups with more than 20 members.

Maximize Profitability

The Booking Wizard is supported by intelligent algorithms that maximizes your appointment book utilization while honoring SOPs to ensure employee satisfaction and optimized customer experiences.

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