Set up e-commerce and sell online today

Set up e-commerce and sell online today

Accelerate your e-commerce strategy with Zenoti's Shopify integration

While services are the primary source of revenue in spas and salons, retail sales form a significant part of all successful brands globally. In addition to providing your guests with the ability to book appointments for services online, you should sell retail products online. This typically translates to scaling sales and revenue and acts as a perfect conduit for you to engage with your customers and meet their demands.

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Sell online with Shopify

With Shopify, you can start, run, and grow your online business within minutes. It offers a cloud-based, multichannel e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of customizable features to run an online store. Shopify offers a comprehensive suite of services like marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools, helping you grow retail revenue in an increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape. It also allows you to sell products on multiple channels, including Amazon and Pinterest, to maximize retail product sales. The improved retail experience with Shopify helps salons and spas enhance their online customer experience and an opportunity to scale revenue.

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eCommerce Integration

The Shopify integration allows Zenoti customers to use Shopify for their online retail product sales while continuing to use Zenoti’s online booking facility. Once a guest is logged into Zenoti online booking, they can purchase products in the Shopify store without needing a separate login process into Shopify*. This ensures the guest experience is quite seamless across booking services and purchasing retail products at your website.

Purchases made via Shopify reflects in Zenoti - a single point of truth to track customer purchase history across the online and in-store channels. It provides an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell services with targeted online marketing campaigns available in Zenoti Marketing.

*This is applicable only for Shopify Plus

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Other benefits

  • Zenoti updates your inventory levels after every Shopify purchase
  • Zenoti reflects customer sales made through Shopify via product and daily sales reports to keep track of the retail sales
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How does it work?

Integration Highlights

  • Provide guests with an effortless experience moving between your online booking and Shopify storefront with a Single sign-on
  • Avoid multiple channels to analyze guest purchases made on Shopify. Within Zenoti, each guest profile provides a granular level view on the latest transactions and invoices.

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Shopify Plus vs all other Shopify Plans

Shopify currently offers different packages to integrate with Zenoti. Choose to subscribe to any of the options. The list of features supported by the plans is available in our help center.

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A Managed Set-up

We’ll ask you to provide your Shopify account details - things like URLs and API keys. From there, your Zenoti team will set up the integration, verify payment mappings, and test the integration.

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One Master Inventory Catalog

Zenoti manages your in-store retail sales while Shopify serves as your online storefront. The Zenoti-Shopify integration provides you with a single inventory catalog for easier reporting and analysis.

*Single sign-on

Provide guests with an effortless experience moving between your online booking and Shopify storefront with a single sign-on

Data synchronization

The integration runs regular data syncs between the two systems to share inventory and sales data. Zenoti’s sales reports will also reflect any discounts or refunds that were processed through Shopify.


Zenoti’s Shopify sales report tracks the sales made through Shopify. This report can be used to verify data between Zenoti and Shopify.

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