Retain your customers and convert them into brand advocates

Context and timing are two crucial building blocks of great marketing. At Zenoti, we help our customers run personalized campaigns via emails and text. Segment your target audience based on different criteria and increase conversions. Design your campaigns using pre-defined responsive templates and scale your marketing efforts. We make it easy for you to acquire new customers by running effective referral marketing programs.

Increase customer engagement and improve retention

Boost your marketing efforts by quickly spinning-up engaging HTML campaigns and improve conversions

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Boost your revenue with targeted cross-selling and upselling

Get closer to your customers with advanced segmentation and run promotions for services and products they are most likely to buy

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Expand your reach and accelerate your growth with referrals

Create a unified referral experience across your organization and track your growth with new customers acquired

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Measure your performance with reports

Custom build target segments

Segmentation leveraging guest and service forms

Quick launch campaign to automatically generate a target segment and discount

Customize referral programs to offer the right award to your customers

Seamless experience across CMA and Webstore

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Mike and Tracey Nass, Co-Owners, Indira Salon & Spa

One of the features that really attracted us to Zenoti was the marketing module. You can target the segments and really deliver the marketing messages to the specific people that you wanted to go to. We have seen a larger response rate in pure marketing messages that we are sending out to people.

Edward Tricomi, Co-Owner, Warren Tricomi

We have always been the leaders in fashion and beauty for many years, and I have always been technology driven. Working with Zenoti has been a game changer for us. In lot of ways, we were able to get lot of the different programs & thinks that we will be able to build and analyse the business.
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