Go Paperless with Zenoti Digital Forms for Safety, Efficiency, and Convenience

Go touchless and ensure safety with Zenoti Digital Forms. Allow guests to fill out forms from their personal devices ahead of appointments. All forms, before and after photos, and treatment notes are stored in a HIPAA compliant centralized database accessible from any location. Achieve consistency and continuity of services and build targeted marketing campaigns with easy access to comprehensive guest information.

Go paperless and cue efficiency

Achieve efficiency with intuitive, customizable, and highly accessible digital forms. Staff can store and access guest information, treatment notes, and before/after comparisons. Mobile access keeps it at their fingertips. Guests can save their time and yours by filling out forms ahead of appointments.

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Secure and HIPAA compliant

Zenoti Digital Forms is HIPAA compliant, meaning guests can rest assured that their personal data is protected. Geofencing allows you to restrict employee access to customer data outside your salon or spa. Store consultation notes, treatment notes, recommendations, and physician annotations in one secure place.

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Ensure safety with completely touchless forms

Guests can fill out forms on their personal devices ahead of appointments to avoid public devices and physical touch. Verify customer health and conditions before they arrive.

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Targeted marketing made easy

Utilize post-service data to create customer segments and reach them with targeted marketing campaigns—for example, hair products to curly-haired clients, facial products to those struggling with oily or dry skin, etc.

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Do more with images

Store and annotate client images to improve your documentation and your practice. Easily track treatment progress by viewing all images in one place rather than checking individual appointments.

Customize forms in minutes

The Zenoti Digital Forms library holds a variety of pre-designed forms ready to be branded for your business. You’ll find forms for intake, consent, consultation, treatment, and specific treatment templates.

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Eliminate physical storage

Save space and costs with complete digital storage.

Modernize your practice

Free clients from endless paperwork and yourself from cumbersome storage.

Make forms a breeze

Pre-fill options and built in logic make forms easy to navigate.

User-friendly flow

Customers don’t need complex computer skills to use Zenoti Forms.

Streamline the consent process

Keep customers informed and gain consent prior to treating.

Anywhere access

Securely access client records from multiple locations.

Forms review

Review multiple forms at once with great ease.

Set expiry for forms

Manage forms to be filled for every session or at regular intervals by setting expiry.

Guest visible fields

Define whether a field should be visible to the guest or not.

Denise Keeler, COO, Orange Twist

Zenoti digital forms enable our therapists to focus on the customer without worrying about the paperwork, resulting in superior customer experience.

Harvey Hillyer, Co-owners of Dermani Medspa

We chose Zenoti because of the robust features that they had. We are a membership based program, people would want to use that membership at multiple locations. Zenoti actually enables us to do that, other systems were just clunky.
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