Bringing your brand experience to your customers’ fingertips

Extend your brand beyond your centers, to customers’ fingertips, helping them live the new normal. Zenoti Consumer Mobile App (CMA) allows customers to effortlessly book, fill appointment forms, check-in/check-out, and more. This means no front desk lines, paper forms, shared devices, and unnecessary interactions over phone calls or in person. What’s more, Zenoti does the heavy lifting of building the app, maintaining, and updating it for you at no additional fees.

Effortless self-serve bookings, check-in/check-out and more

Customers today expect to be attended to immediately. Allow them to book instantly by choosing preferred services/location/providers/slot, fill forms, touchless check-in/check-out with Zenoti Go, refer friends, and more with a few taps on their app eliminating the dependency on the front desk. This frees your employees to focus on meaningful customer interactions. Have control over the features you’d like to offer and configure rules for the same.

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Businesses using CMA see more visits and higher spends

“37% of our total bookings now come from Consumer Mobile App!” “The average ticket value of CMA bookings is 33% higher than other sources.” “Zenoti’s consumer mobile experience is what customers expect in today’s app-driven world. It’s bringing concepts that you see on Amazon or Uber into the salon industry keeping you a step ahead of the competition.”

What’s in it for your business?

CMA works seamlessly with appointment book, CRM, Zenoti Go, referrals, and other features of Zenoti, delivering a consistent experience across centers and customer/employee touchpoints. Our technology maximizes appointment book yield by handling your most complex scheduling nuances just like your best receptionist. Zenoti deals with the heavy lifting of building the app, maintaining, and updating it for you at no additional fees.

No front desk lines and phone calls means it’s safer for your staff, too. Create a touchless experience for providers/staff by empowering them to perform their workflows, check-outs, and more on the Employee Mobile App.

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Everything your customers (and employees) need, at their fingertips

Branded to your style

Extend your brand experience to the app with customizations offered

Go touchless - Zenoti Go

Safe touchless check-in/check-out experience

Omnichannel solution

Seamlessly integrates with Zenoti features and customer/business touchpoints

Anywhere, anytime access

Customers can book anywhere, anytime even outside business hours - no lost opportunities

Better for the business

No hassle of handling bookings, check-out, and more for the front desk providers

Be in touch

With notifications, alerts, etc., you are always within your customers’ reach

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Carol Morgan, Director and COO, Cosmetic Skin Therapies

"We were utilizing three different software platforms when we first started CST. It was very clunky, lot of paper forms etc. Our network has grown enormously in the last three years. We now have about 45-50 franchises all around Australia and when we were looking for a new partner in this space we very much has a specific shopping list of what we needed. Our operations manager discovered Zenoti and did a whole research on the platform and the organization and it just seemed to be a natural fit for what we wanted to do for the global side of the business."

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