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Manage 100s of packages efficiently

Expand your offering with automated management of multiple service combinations and pricing options, with minimal staff training.

Build personalized packages

Customize packages for the guests that want or need specific services. Simply enter the number of treatments and the system will auto-price them and determine any volume-based discounts.

Incentivize guests to book multiple sessions

Capture more revenue by offering series packages (two or more of the same service). For example: save 25% when you purchase five facials.  

Sell day packages

Offer guests a combination of services that they can book at a discounted price and render on the same day, thus encouraging higher average invoice prices.

Ensure hassle-free access across locations

Zenoti POS automatically tracks each guest’s package usage to redeem services against benefits. It also maintains accurate records to ensure efficient payments, refunds, and exchanges.

Did you know?

of weight loss business comes from packages & memberships.

A smooth guest and provider experience

Clone packages

Improve efficiency by creating new packages in just 2 clicks.

Sell online

Capture more sales by enabling guests to buy packages online and through the mobile app.

Enhance security

Add an SMS verification step to the package redemption process.

Reward members

Offer discount programs for guests with packages and automatically apply benefits to their invoice.

Pause packages

Automatically freeze an inactive package and unfreeze it when the guest returns.

Increase accessibility

Choose to provide flexible payment schedules, including partial payments and installments

Transfer credits

Allow guests to share service credits with their friends and family.

Encourage purchases

Offer same-day combinations at a discounted price to incentivize guests to buy multiple services.

Drive revenue

Boost sales with exclusive offers on package-only services
Our ability to easily support memberships and packages has a direct impact on delivering lasting health benefits to customers. For our franchise owners, these loyalty vehicles provide predictability of business, which helps build a strong financial base. We chose Zenoti as our technology partner because it helps us better support our franchisees and customers.

See how Head of the Pride uses Zenoti to bundle their services and build lasting guest relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered in the Zenoti package?

Zenoti packages can offer any and every service which your salon, spa, or med spa has on its list of deliverables. Salons can create packages for all types of service levels. From the basic haircut, and blow-dry, to the highly advanced keratin treatment, all the services can be offered as packages. For spas services such as body scrubbing, massages, body polishing, etc. can be offered in customized packages. Med Spas can offer services such as laser hair removal, dermabrasion, and targeted weight loss in packages. Multiple studies reveal that almost 85% of the advanced services, which are executed over multiple sessions, are often booked by guests as a package. As a matter of fact, package sales are a great tool to offer discount programs to guests and automatically apply the discount benefits to the guest’s invoice.

How does the Zenoti package work?

Zenoti package system works in multiple ways to ensure that both guests and businesses maximize the benefits of the program. Some of the key features of the Zenoti package system is that it allows the  clients  to  pick  and  choose  the  package  either  from  a  pre-designed  list  or create  their  own customized package based on their goals. Further, by encouraging them to book multiple sessions, the program  offers  them  the  best  possible  discounts.  The  system  also  rewards  guests,  who  book frequently with additional benefits such as special discounts or reward points, which can be redeemed for additional services. Two unique features of the Zenoti package system are it allows guests to either pay in installments or partial payment plans and should a guest ever need to temporarily pause a plan he or she can do it in just a few clicks. Further, the software maintains a ledger for all transactions, which can be easily accessed by the client from anywhere.

How can the Zenoti package benefit guests & businesses?

Zenoti packages are fully customizable, and the salon management system allows businesses to create hundreds of packages to meet the demands of the client based on the location, demography, and budget. For guests, the system allows them to pick and choose the services based on their needs and once that is done, the system automatically prices in the discount. Perhaps, the unique feature of the Zenoti package is that it allows clients to extend the package benefits to their close friends and family. Further, guests are also encouraged to pick from same-day package deals, which are often available at deep discounts. For businesses, packages ensure a steady stream of revenue, a constantly filled appointment book, increased visibility of the business, and effortless managing of the multiple packages through a single platform.

Is the Zenoti package accessible across locations?

The Zenoti package is easily accessible across all locations of the store. Zenoti salon/spa management system tracks the package by the client ID and ensures that the client can easily avail the benefits irrespective of his or her location. The system maintains the accurate records of package purchases and redemptions for each and every client and ensures to apply the package benefits to the invoices for each and every successful transaction. By ensuring that the package goes where the customer goes, the Zenoti salon/spa management system ensures that your business goes where the client goes.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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