Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Zenoti  Partners with Spa Consultants to Provide Business Consulting  Services
Zenoti and Spa Consultants (Pvt. Ltd.) team up to bring your spa and salon Business Consulting Services. With the combined offering of industry leading technology and proven successful consulting services for more than 100 spas and salons, we'll help you streamline your business to unlock hidden profits.

Until recently setting up a successful salon or spa required a good location and excellent service. With the rapid expansion of the industry, things are changing. The winners in the spa and salon industry will be those who best leverage technology to retain customers and are able to get more revenue from these existing customers.

As an adopter of the Zenoti solution, you are already a step ahead with a wealth of detailed data and reports that can help you analyze your business and make decisions based on real data, as opposed to operating on gut feelings. However, analyzing the business data and making the right decisions is a complex task that requires time and a business know-how. Spa Consultants offers Business Consulting Services where we can review your business data and drive improvements in several areas, including:
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Get the Most Out of Your Zenoti software – You've got a powerful technology with Zenoti and trained managers and receptionists. Now what? We're adept at Zenoti software and can help you get the most out of your investment. We'll help you set up processes that ensure your staff uses the system effectively across all the modules so that you get the business benefits from the start. After your system is set up, we'll help you identify the reports that matter to you and how to best read the data to make smart business decisions.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Drive More Revenue from Existing Customers – We'll identify cross-sell opportunities, up-sell opportunities, design offers, identify target segments, and more intended to make customers visit more often and spend more. Doing this requires insight, experience and careful planning to:
  1. avoid offering discounts to guests who will pay full price for a service
  2. avoid creating a "discount mentality" from your guests
  3. design incentives that encourage guests to try new or more expensive services or to visit more often
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Retain Customers Better - Identify customers who no longer visit or new walk-ins who did not return and identify patterns as to why they left. We'll help you re-gain those customers' loyalty and avoid losing existing customers to peer salons and spas.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Achieve Ideal Employee Productivity/Utilization – Identify how to get more productivity from each employee. We'll help you identify pockets of employees with low utilization, and plan for training or other cross-selling plans to keep employees more utilized. Higher utilization leads to better profits.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Drive Inventory Costs Down - While systems like Zenoti help identify where the spend in inventory is higher than expected, fixing this requires a broader perspective on how to package inventory for single use consumption and strategies for handling inventory in your centers. With the expertise of Spa Consultants, you'll learn how to fix this and not just penalize employees for wastage.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Identify Gaps from Industry Trends and Benchmarks – Spa Consultants will analyze your business data against industry trends and recommend areas that your business should focus on, For example, we may find that you need to improve service quality, launch new services, package services together, etc... Changes will intend to drive more revenue from your existing customers.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software And Much, Much More – Zenoti's analytics enables Spa Consultants to make improvements in several areas like sales, packages by gender, by weekdays, compare center performance and analyze patterns of customer spend during specific hours of the day. With the right data, we can make the right business decisions to improve your business across every aspect.
How does it work?
After you sign up for the Business Consulting Services, the Spa Consultants team will work with your team in the following manner:
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Conduct an online analysis of your business results and understand customer and sales patterns at your centers
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Prepare an initial set of recommendations which can be reviewed either online or in-person with your management. Each recommendation will be based by your business data, and not a one-for-all approach
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Help implement strategies approved by your management team
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Conduct a monthly review and online meeting to review results, monitor and tweak marketing initiatives.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Conduct a quarterly full review of the business, track results from previously implemented strategies and make new recommendations.
Is My Business Data Safe with Spa Consultants?
Spa Consultants has been consulting in this industry for more than 6 years and has a successful and positive track record across so many spas. Confidentiality with all our clients is core to our reputation and business. We enter into a confidentiality agreement as part of our Business Consulting agreement.

Zenoti employees will not have access to your business data. Your data will be available to Spa Consultants only if you provide the data or access through login credentials to Spa Consultants.
* A single review and recommendation costs only INR 5,000/- Annual and long terms contracts are also available.
How Do I Signup?
Send an email to info@spaconsultants.in or manish@spaconsultants.in with your contact details.
We'll get back to you within 4 working hours.