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January 2012 Newsletter  
This New Year in 2012 – Real Results!
With every new year we all look to set goals to improve our business and personal lives. At Zenoti our only corporate culture and mantra is “Customer Success” which means not just having happy customers but working towards driving real results at businesses that rely on Zenoti. With that in mind, we have launched our “Real Results” initiative – a drive towards ensuring that we deliver on all the results that our software promises when you made the decision to select Zenoti to power your business.

Real Results has a combination of seven different guides on getting real results from Zenoti in different areas of the service:
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Streamline Administration and Accounting
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Personalizing Customer Experiences
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Automate Employee Administration
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Inventory Management to reduce costs
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Avoid Pilferage of Service Revenue
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Increase Revenues from existing guests
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Improve Customer Loyalty
. The Real Results program information is accessible directly from within the Zenoti software. Click on the “help” icon in the appointment book to find the links to our Learning Center and Real Results sections of our service.
Welcome to the Zenoti Blog return to top
Want to keep up with all the development at Zenoti? Welcome to our new online blog at There have been so many developments at Zenoti each month that waiting for a monthly newsletter to update all our customers seemed too slow in today’s pace of information at your fingertips all the time. To that end we have now launched our online blog to make it easy to keep you abreast of not just new developments, but tips on getting the most out of Zenoti, experiences of other Spas and Salons etc.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Customer Spotlight return to top
In our most recent month we have added some of the leading Spa and Salon brands in the industry. The Zenoti family of Spas and Salons continues to expand very rapidly
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
New Year and Loads of New Features return to list
Zenoti keeps raising the bar with each passing month in the industry. Most of you would have got accustomed to seeing us improve our service rapidly . The highlights of some of the changes in our latest update to Zenoti service :

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Track and Act on Customer Feedback return to list
Want to make sure that every negative feedback from guests is actually tracked, followed up and corrective actions are taken? Now Zenoti automatically creates a list of Issues from each negative feedback from guests. Track all your issues in the Loyalty module and easily monitor that all issues are eventually Resolved. Make continuous improvements easily and follow up with guests while ensuring no feedback is overlooked.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Daily Report of Customer Issues return to list
Zenoti now sends out a listing of all old OPEN customer issues and any NEW issues each day along with your daily reports. It has never been easier to stay abreast on all the pending actions from customer feedback across all centers.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
See Progress of Results for your Customers return to list
Zenoti allows you to define custom fields for each service – track weight of a customer with each appointment, skin conditions, hair conditions and other similar parameters. Now with a single click see the trend line of how these have changed over the course of multiple appointments for a specific customer. Now more than ever you can focus on ensuring that you deliver real results to your customers.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Avoid Pilferage of Cash Payments return to list
You can turn on a feature to “LOCK” an invoice once an invoice is printed for a guest. This ensures that if a customer pays by cash, the receptionist cannot go back and change the services in the appointment book. Any attempt to do so will require creation of a new invoice and abandoning the old invoice. This helps the audit team to review such abandoned invoices to monitor any misuse of the software

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Marketing – Discount Changes return to list
There is an added flexibility in creating richer discount definitions in Zenoti, well beyond the regular offers and promotions:
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software When running a campaign on discounts for regular facials – want to allow customers to upgrade to a higher facial and still retain discount on the lower level facial? Setting this up is now easy with this update.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Have an offer for “Get a free Mask with a facial” – but want to allow the customer to choose to use the mask on next visit? Zenoti automatically tracks all deferred benefits the customer accrued in their profile and allows for redemption at a later date.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Print barcodes for products return to list
When you raise a new Purchase Order, you can now print the barcodes for all the products that are in that Purchase Order. So it is a breeze for your administration staff to quickly put bar codes on all products received in the Purchase Order and then put them out for use in your centers.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Add Comments to each Invoice return to list
Now you can add comments to highlight specific issues in a particular invoice. This is a convenient way to communicate reasons for any discounts or partial payments to the accounting team.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Improved Reporting on Revenue return to list
Along with all revenue reports, now, also get quantities for each area of revenue in different duration windows. Examples would be:
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Number of services by each category
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Number of each specific service viz massage, facial etc
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Number of sales in each product category
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Number of sales for each specific product

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Restrict Access to changing Service Price return to list
Now you can control your front office staff change the sale price of items in an invoice. Discounts can still be applied through the use of campaigns as always.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Flexibility in Custom Service Fields return to list
Managing custom fields that are associated with specific services got easier. Now add, delete and modify these custom fields even after initial setup. Also, have better layout of these fields for your staff to easily fill in the data by each group of custom fields.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Process older due payments faster return to list
In each customer profile see a list of all open Invoices where payments are due. From this list go directly to the “Take Payment” window and process the customer payment for each of the open Invoices. Now it is quick and easy to enter all open payments in a single place.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
The Feature List return to list
Covering the full set of changes in this newsletter would make it far too long. In order to see the full list of changes in the latest update of Zenoti review this document Click here

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