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August 2011 Newsletter  
New Features in Zenoti!
This August, you may have noticed a host of new features in your Zenoti application. These new features were added in response to requests by you, our Zenoti users. Peruse the list of features, check out the tutorials for detailed instruction and make the most of the new features!

Check out our feature spotlight on how to easily identify which employees are best at retaining customer loyalty. And, earn Zenoti credit by referring others!
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Set Up an Effective Loyalty Program using Loyalty Points
You can now define your own loyalty program using loyalty points, built into the system. Loyalty points enable you to reward guests for their loyalty to your business and better yet, encourage guests to continue visiting.

You define how many points you want to reward a guest for purchasing any service, package or product. The system automatically tracks these points. Once a guest has accumulated enough points, she may wish to use the points to purchase additional services or products.

Managers can use loyalty points to attract new guests and keep your existing ones coming back. Track the success and any risks using reports.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up your loyalty points program, click here >

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Store Additional Information for Guests and Services Using Custom Fields
Custom fields allow you to store additional information for guests and services. Depending on your business’ specific needs, you can define what data to store!

Need to store skin type, allergies, or even product preferences to deliver top-notch service? Want to store a guest’s company of employment for future marketing programs? Now you can, using custom fields.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use custom fields, click here >

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
New Daily Report - Deleted Appointments
Access the new daily report ‘Deleted Appointments’ from the Admin screen. Use this report to monitor for malpractice from reception. This report shows all appointments from the day to ensure no revenue is unaccounted.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Track Guest Referrals
Zenoti can now track guest referrals. When the receptionist adds a new guest to the system, she can now also record who referred that guest.

This feature ties into the loyalty program feature as well. You can choose to reward guests for referring friends and family by awarding them loyalty points. It’s automated, so once the receptionist adds a new guest, the system takes care of tracking and awarding points without any extra effort from you.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Keep Your Therapists in the Know - Print Appointments
With this new feature, you can print appointment details for a specific guest, a therapist, a room or the appointments for a whole day. Post the print out on the wall or hand out to your staff to ensure your staff is in the know and guests receive top-notch service.

To use this feature, simply right click on an appointment block in the appointment book and select the ‘Print Appointment’ option.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Enter Customer Feedback Faster
We now pre-populate receipt numbers in the customer feedback form on the appointment book. Right click on an appointment and select ‘enter guest feedback’; the feedback form is now auto-populated with the receipt number. This means faster entry, so you can get back to business.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Update to Daily Reports – Now With Receipt Numbers
Daily reports now show the receipt number for every transaction. This is useful for any physical audits by management.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Process Your PO’s Faster & With Less Effort
To see this new feature, open a raised PO; you’ll notice the delivered quantity and on-delivery prices are automatically populated with the expected values. These expected values are pulled from ‘ordered quantity’ and the ‘unit price’ defined on the PO screen.

Be sure to check that values are accurate against the delivery. But, go through the process faster with less manual entry!

Feature Spotlight - Identify Your Best Employees by Tracking Guest Retention
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Your employees are the face of your business; so retain your best! A number of criteria determines what makes a good employee. At Zenoti, we've distilled down the criteria to 7 factors: attendance, punctuality, working hours, utilization, revenue, guest satisfaction, and guest retention.

While tracking attendance and punctuality can be done manually, things like tracking how well your employees encourage customer loyalty are difficult and can be overwhelming. With Zenoti, the system automatically tracks guest retention, and can do so by individual employees.

Check out the Employee Performance reports today to see which of your employees keeps your customers coming back. From the Employee tab, click on Performance reports link. From the drop-down lists, select to view "Guest Retention" for at least 6 months. You'll instantly see who your star performers are!

Read our whitepaper 'A Simple Method To Retain and Motivate Employees' for a comprehensive approach to motivating and retaining employees!
Click here for the whitepaper >

Announcing Our Customer Referral Program
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Zenoti is pleased to announce our Customer Referral Program. Refer a customer and when they sign up with us, you'll receive Rs 5000 in Zenoti credit. Use this credit against your monthly subscription!

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