Why do top medspa brands choose Zenoti?

Our complete medspa software helps you thrive today and grow tomorrow. All with less admin work and more focus on patients.

Focused on revenue growth

We designed our software specifically to grow your bookings and revenue. It's part of why 25,000+ businesses choose to run on Zenoti.
  • Appointment book intelligence eliminates gaps, maximizes your available slots
  • Smart automation fills as many slots as possible - like your smartest, most nimble front desk manager
  • Easy, personalized upsells and recommendations increase ticket value

Simpler, better EMR charting

Your clinicians get everything they need. And more time to focus on clients.
  • Built-in medspa photo manager: clear, comprehensive, easy to use
  • Dot phrases that fill in frequent charting notes automatically
  • Digital forms, SOAP note forms, integrated patient profiles
  • Bulk sign-off on documents for MDs – not one at a time

Exceptional client relationships

Give clients the experience and comfort they expect from a top-tier medspa, cultivating relationships every step of the way.  
  • Custom branded mobile app: clients book, check in, pay, connect with clinicians, and more
  • Staff easily access client notes, SOAP note forms, history, and preferences
  • Convenient auto-pay upon checkout - an easy Uber-like experience
  • Clients receive automated requests for feedback and referrals

Billing and payments made easy

Our smooth, integrated solution simplifies billing complexity and delivers a VIP-level POS.
  • Secure, effortless backend automation
  • Card on file for seamless auto-pay during checkout and deposits during booking
  • Integrated system reduces POS errors, eliminates double entries
  • Single, consistent experience across locations - for you and your clients

A central point for your entire operation

Control everything securely from one place, whether you run two clinics or 200. Save countless hours and get a clear, complete view of your medical spa business.
  • A consistent experience at all locations - for clients, staff, and management
  • A single database for all client information, payment details, service menus, and more
  • Targeted marketing campaigns across your network, regionally, or per clinic
  • Gift card and membership redemptions anywhere, no added admin work

Automated targeted marketing

Our intelligent marketing engine keeps your medical spa appointment book filled - while you focus on clients coming in for service.
  • Client segments based on history and preferences; sends automated emails and texts with the most relevant offers
  • Ideal for filling last-minute slots and recovering "lost" guests
  • Seamless webstore integration: clients redeem offers online with one click
  • Detailed reporting on campaign performance

Optimal staff satisfaction

Want to keep clinicians happy? Make it easy for your valued team to control their day, connect with clients, and earn more.  
  • Mobile access to daily schedule, earnings, and performance
  • Upsell and retail recommendations at the ready for each client
  • Immediate tip updates, with fast payouts at providers' fingertips

Modern ways to grow your medical spa

Inventory management

Automate the processes that keep you on top of your product lines. Less work for you - and no guesswork on orders or volume.
  • Receive alerts for changing stock needs and levels
  • Easily monitor usage of essentials such as injectables, peels, and supplements
  • Compares projected and actual use to pinpoint areas of waste or possible theft
  • Integration with ERP systems automates order management

Zenoti online booking

Data shows that clients prefer booking online more than any other method. The Zenoti online system works for you 24/7 to keep your appointment book full.
  • Simple, intuitive experience for clients; includes recommendations based on their preferences, your availability
  • Integrates with Reserve with Google, Facebook, and Instagram to expand your client base

Connecting with clients

Better service, far fewer phone calls. This built-in communication system connects with clients via SMS and text messaging - preferred and effective.
  • Real-time access to clients; very high open rates compared to email
  • Key tool for client retention: appointment reminders, pre-and post-procedure information, rebooking
  • Ideal to share links to digital intake forms and click-to-pay options
  • Automated replies ensure clients get a response when texting after business hours

Reporting and analytics

A complete multi-layered view into your business performance. Everything you need to make faster well-informed decisions for your medspa.
  • Customizable by region or location for easy segmented tracking
  • Dashboards display operations, customers, and performance data for all locations
  • Insights into key performance progress and industry shifts

The ultimate growth software trusted BY nearly 30,000 businesses across 50 countries


revenue growth with one centralized platform

16 locations


of appointments booked and forms completed in advance

10 locations

paper forms replaced with cost-effective digital forms

20 locations


reduction in costs with low-maintenance software

23 locations

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