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Everything You Need In A Single Software

The appointment book is pivotal to providing efficient, positive experiences for your customers. Our system is complete with online booking and mobile apps for customers to self-book or request appointments. With our apppoinment book, you can book appointments within seconds, and have critical info like customer history, staff availability, and personalization cues. Our smart and elegantly designed system enables your receptionists to consistently work smarter while capturing data that helps build your business.

The Point of Sales software is fully integrated with the system, which makes billing quick and error-free.

As a spa or salon, you depend on your staff for overall success. Our Employee Manager helps you streamline employee management, reduces paper-work and calculations for payroll, commissions and attendance. You put in less effort and are able to retain your best employees.

Zenoti software offers built-in methods that increase customer loyalty at your spa or salon. Not only does the software ensure you offer personalized interactions to every guest, but also helps you sell more, bring customers in more often and encourages rebookings. With complete support for loyalty point programs, memberships and packages, you have less work and great results for customer loyalty.

The Marketing Manager helps you execute marketing programs effortlessly – and without added costs. With our software designed for the marketing needs of your spa or salon, you’ll see revenues increase as you push your message through to more people, more often.

Zenoti's mobile applications offer you freedom, flexibility and the power to manage your business more easily, empower your managers and employees, increase customer loyalty and offers consistent engagement with customers.

Our mobile apps work on iPads, iPhones, and Android based tablets and phones.

Zenoti Analytics are for large organizations and those with multiple centers. Analytics are an interactive tool that showcases patterns and trends across your organization, and allows you to drill-down into granular level data. You'll gain insights that help you make the right business decisions.

Our Inventory Manager helps you boost retail sales, control shrinkage and supports the entire process of inventory management from ordering to audits.

Zenoti software provides complete multi-center support for chains and franchisees. You can easily monitor operations from a single login and hold individual centers accountable. Just as importantly, you can provide a seamless experience for every customer across all your locations.

With hosted software, you have nothing to install, no expensive hardware to buy, and no IT staff is required. Zenoti & Salon are completely managed systems. We provide the expertise, maintain the infrastructure, host the software and ensure your data is safe and secure. Which means you won’t have to deal with compatibility issues, computer crashes, or virus attacks that interrupt your business operations.

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