Unifying Franchisees Under a Single Brand with Multi- Center Support

Unifying Franchisees Under a Single Brand with Multi- Center Support

Franchises have long been a staple in the spa and salon industry, and in various other consumer service industries as well. With its roots in the history of traveling salespeople, franchising has allowed entrepreneurs to open businesses with the backing of established brands, while allowing innovators to establish a foundation for themselves in the process.

The benefits of franchising your spa or salon business are clear. You can reduce your involvement in day-to-day business operations, establish a large brand quickly, and assume less liability for each individual unit of your franchise. You also get to be your own boss, which is always attractive if you’ve spent most of your career working for someone else.

That said, running a franchise spa or salon business is not without its challenges.

In the past, franchisors were forced to manage their franchisees through emails, phone calls, faxes, and even written letters. They’ve also been forced to work incredibly long hours just to keep their businesses running. This tends to cut into personal and family time and cause undue levels of stress.

But thanks to cloud computing technology, franchisors and franchisees can now use proprietary systems to manage multiple business units from a single location. More importantly, automation, analytics, and reporting tools can free up more time and lead to a much better work/ life balance for everyone involved in the business.

Since the key to managing a host of franchisees is communication, it’s essential that all your franchisees receive messages quickly so they can all act on the same information. This creates a unified front for your brand identity, standards for the services your customers expect, and more data-driven action in your franchisees’ day-to-day operations.

Let’s take a look at how an all-in-one, multi-center support system can address the common challenges of managing multiple franchisees in the spa and salon business.

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