Encourage online retail sales

Boosting online retail sales despite longer than usual shipping time through creative promotions drives much-needed revenue to your business. Zenoti is helping our clients get the most out of their online retail strategy during COVID-19 by:

Maximizing communication
We encourage our customers to use every available channel (including direct sales) to increase retail sales. Our integrated system makes reaching out to customers via email or text messages with special promotions easy. If appropriate, encouraging employees to contact loyal clients helps personalize efforts. 

Following-up on creative connections
Offering free virtual consultations or tutorials to customers, then following up with recommended products makes the retail experience personal. We enable our clients to use special promotions or package deals that encourage their customers to order from them rather than big retailers.

Inspiring acts of kindness
We help our customers donate a portion of retail sales to struggling employees or community charities. Personalizing the retail experience through inspiring acts of kindness incentivizes online purchases.

Zenoti streamlines your online retail experience, making shopping easier and more convenient for your customers. Learn how Zenoti helps our customers drive more revenue through online retail sales. Contact us today!