Promote memberships online

Creatively promoting memberships and packages online allows you to sustain these revenue streams despite COVID-19. Zenoti is helping our clients get the most out of their membership and packages strategies during this crisis through:

Creative, diverse offers
We make it easy for our clients to create a variety of special or discounted packages for future service to your loyal customers. Creative offers encourage customers to buy now and receive their special services during better times.

Specialized deals
We enable our customers to identify lapsing members and motivate them to re-purchase with creative incentives. Offering unique deals, including adding service options to membership plans, helps retain existing customers.

Inspiring acts of kindness
We assist our clients in donating a portion of package sales to a ‘team member’ fund or community charity. Acts of kindness, like helping struggling employees or community members, inspire customers to purchase for future use.

Zenoti makes selling memberships and packages online simple for you and appealing to your customers. Learn how Zenoti helps our customers boost revenue through online membership and package sales. Contact us today!