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Skin Laundry Streamlines Communications and Eliminates Inefficiency

Discover how Skin Laundry streamlines communications and eliminates efficiency with Connect. With more than 23 clinics, Skin Laundry's revolutionary laser facials are available globally in the US, London, Hong Kong, and soon to be Dubai. Their vibes are relaxed and friendly, and the service is medical-grade. Skin Laundry decided to switch to Zenoti to reduce their technology costs by 50% and to implement a solution that could scale with their growing business.


The Problem

Skin Laundry was using multiple communication systems to fulfil different business needs. This was proving to be confusing, time-consuming and inefficient for their clinic staff. It was also making it difficult to map the client journey between team members and clinics and ensure all relevant parties had the necessary visibility. In addition, their previous system lacked the capability to segment notifications by just the intended recipients, so their whole team was frequently receiving distracting notifications that were irrelevant to them. This was harming the client experience, causing miscommunication and creating the impression that employees were always on their phones.

The Solution

Zenoti Connect provides Skin Laundry with a fully integrated messaging solution that allows clinic staff to have 2-way text conversations with clients and to communicate internally among multiple different users. Connect is hugely beneficial for Skin Laundry in several ways. Firstly, it empowers the team to provide an elevated client experience as individuals can access the platform from the clinic computer or iPads and avoid using their phone in front of guests. It promotes quicker response times to clients by automatically processing appointment reminders and confirmations and allows Skin Laundry to focus on in-clinic conversations.

Connect improves internal and cross-location communications by providing full visibility on the entire client journey, including notifications on when the client has checked in and when the service has been completed. This increases accountability and helps the team to better coordinate and align on what conversations have been had and what tasks have been done.

Finally, the onboarding and training experience is streamlined for new employees as there is only one platform to learn.

"Everybody loves Zenoti Connect, it's one of our favorite Zenoti features. It's super easy, super helpful and allows clients to independently communicate with the clinic team at their convenience. It saves the phone call the front desk doesn't have time for. Plus, the communication between our medical staff and front desk is so much more efficient with Connect, it allows everyone to be more service-focused -- which our client slove."
- Nichole Blatt

Global Communications Manager

About the Brand

Skin Laundry makes laser facials a thing. Born in Santa Monica, the clinics are designed to resemble a relaxed California beach bungalow while delivering a medical-grade service. With more than 23 clinics (and counting) Skin Laundry’s revolutionary laser facials are available globally in the US, London, Hong Kong and the Middle East region.


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