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Multi-location med-spa increases revenue by 6% with Smart Marketing

OrangeTwist provides advanced non-invasive treatments for the body, face, and skin in 10 locations across the United States. Zenoti helps the respected med-spa deliver consistent experiences across locations with powerful technology that brings all centers on one platform for simple monitoring.


The Problem

OrangeTwist offers complementary consultations to assist customers with non-invasive aesthetic treatment plans that best fit their goals. However, converting consultations into booked appointments was time-consuming due to the nature of the emotional and personal decision. OrangeTwist turned to Zenoti’s Smart Marketing feature to help maintain effective communication with prospects and target non-active customers to boost revenue.

The Solution

Working together, OrangeTwist and Zenoti built a robust customer engagement solution to regain lost prospects and inactive customers that meets their business requirements. Smart Marketing automation analyzed OrangeTwist’s customer history and proposed campaigns under three broad themes: re-engage prospects, regain lost customers and encourage cross-selling and up-selling.

Key Takeaways

Smart Marketing brings back lost customers, increases engagement with first-time visitors, and improves customer retention.

  • Up-sell and cross-sell offerings and increase average ticket prices.
  • Reach current customers and encourage them to book their next appointment at the ideal frequency.
  • Message lost customers in personalized attempts to bring them back to your business.
“We’re able to treat our brand holistically, which helps us operate efficiently and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.”
- Denise Keeler

COO of OrangeTwist

About the Brand

OrangeTwist is a top lifestyle brand in the US aesthetics market with locations across four states. Their curated menu offers the latest in non-invasive body, face and skin treatments while servicing an average of 70 guests per day. They customize everyone’s experience to meet their unique needs. OrangeTwist believes that chic and high-end can still be convenient, friendly and approachable.


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