We are thrilled with Zenoti’s commitment, passion, and support through our implementation experience. Making the decision to change platforms is never easy, and our legacy data proved challenging. But the Zenoti team worked tirelessly to help CorePower Yoga migrate and stabilize our operational processes and data. Having a partner that could adapt and evolve to our changing needs, and who also prioritizes customer experience as much as we do, is critical to us. Zenoti has done a fantastic job of delivering solutions and enhancements that work for the brand.

- Courtney Gruber
Chief Operating Officer

Executive Summary

CorePower Yoga partnered with Zenoti to elevate the student experience and advance data solutions. Through the application of Zenoti technological features, business operations are streamlined and simplified for greater student and employee satisfaction.

With Zenoti’s fitness-specific features, centralized data solutions, and powerful analytics tools, CorePower Yoga can access innovative features and pioneering analytics that fuel data-driven business decisions. Zenoti also brings together all sales lead management tools under one umbrella to track and measure membership conversions, effectiveness of lead sources, and more, across all outlets.

The Challenge

The nation’s largest yoga studio brand, CorePower Yoga sought a partner with the capabilities and bandwidth to support its rapid growth, as well as deliver advanced data solutions, functionality, and features that were missing from the brand’s previous software provider.

CorePower Yoga wanted to elevate the consumer experience by unlocking personalized, self-serve capabilities. They also wanted to ease the burden on teachers by eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks.

As a large brand with complex technology, CorePower Yoga required a comprehensive software and data migration to be completed while they maintained a consistent, high-quality student experience.

The Solution

Zenoti rose to the challenge to implement a powerful solution that met each of CorePower Yoga’s unique and intricate needs. Zenoti equipped them with:

  • Live-streaming Zoom integration capabilities
  • Tailored software that keeps operations consistent and unified across all locations
  • Marketing features that help drive CorePower Yoga’s business and maximize revenue
  • Customizable marketing campaigns designed to increase conversions
  • A seamless employee and teacher management solution
  • Improved student, teacher, and employee satisfaction
  • A powerful Zenoti training program that included the creation of a Front Desk for Roster View course, Instructor App course, Leadership Admin for Roster course, and more to ensure instructors were effective the first day on Zenoti

The Zenoti Go-Live Experience

A large enterprise migration from legacy software involves additional complexities. CorePower Yoga brought an extra level of complexity as they were not only migrating their systems and data, but also emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and re-opening studios at a rapid pace.

Zenoti partnered with CorePower Yoga to orchestrate a sophisticated data cutover process which involved several dependencies such as stage site pre-loading, data validation, processing student account requests, consolidating duplicate customer records, and minimizing the impact to daily workflow and operations.

The Zenoti implementation team seamlessly moved data for each defined cluster to the respective location within Zenoti’s live site.

0 system downtime and minimal disruption to daily business

Comprehensive Training for Faster Transition

A trained staff is essential to achieve elevated experiences for both teachers and students. And effective training programs are critical for both adoption and proficient use of Zenoti’s robust features. Operating from the philosophy that each employee – from CEO to front desk staff – must be competent and comfortable using the software, Zenoti built a fitness-tailored, multi-layered learning program for CorePower Yoga team members.

14-hour national launch training was attended by more than 750 people from CPY
Employee training began with asynchronous instruction through Zenoti University (ZU). Upon completion and certification of ZU’s self-paced online courses, CorePower Yoga employees attended in-depth live webinar training sessions using a demo site that replicates CorePower Yoga’s live Zenoti experience. This approach demonstrates how the software behaves in a live environment and allows employees to familiarize themselves with Zenoti and practice their newly learned skills. Following implementation, the CorePower Yoga team has access to daily support sessions with a dedicated team invested in their success to address follow-on questions, best-practice sharing, and reinforce standard practices.

- Alicia Wilson
Director of In-Studio Experience and Franchises
Minimal post-launch questions indicate a successful and comprehensive training approach

Student Experience Transformed

A single source of truth with one centralized database makes managing organizational change easier and creates a consistent and elevated brand experience for all stakeholders. Services, pricing, and promotions are now implemented at the organizational level and immediately reflected in each CorePower Yoga location as applicable. Centralized data access allows CorePower Yoga management to create impactful, data-driven, and targeted promotions that easily adjust for regional pricing and personalized marketing campaigns.

Students now receive the consistent and positive user experience they have come to expect irrespective of the location they visit, and brand loyalty is increased.

Zenoti has proven experience transforming enterprise fitness studios that create a lasting impact on owners, staff, and guests

To see how Zenoti can help your fitness business achieve greatness, get a free consultation today.

About the Brand

As the largest yoga studio brand in the United States, CorePower Yoga operates with a mission to share the transformative power of yoga with individuals everywhere. With 200+ studio locations in 21 states, virtual live streaming and video-on-demand classes, and passionate teachers, CorePower Yoga offers a physically intense workout that is rooted in the mindfulness of yoga.


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