Rajiv Nair

Group CEO

"Zenoti fundamentally transformed both our customer experience and the way we do business. Our flexible packages combine services and products, the kind of bundles our loyal customers need. Operations are smooth and safe, with 100% of all service forms completed digitally ahead of the appointment, and 80% of post-treatment forms online as well. With customers booking online earlier, we have greater visibility into staffing needs. Technology keeps things touchless and efficient, giving customers the safe, fast services they expect in today's world.”

Customers complete 100% of service forms ahead of their appointments



Kaya Limited, established in 2003, is one of the world’s largest international skin care chains, with more than 120 Kaya Skin Clinics located throughout India and the Middle East. The company recently expanded to include Kaya Skin Bar, which currently boasts a growing foothold in the Indian hair and skin care salon market as well as the global Kaya e-commerce platform. Awards include Most Trusted Brand from the Dubai World Brand Summit and recognition for the Best Marketing Campaign and Best Skin Clinic at The Golden Globe Tigers Awards.