Orit Brahami

Founder & Owner

"We wanted a way to do it all: elevate the guest journey through a seamless and elegant customer experience, both online and in-store, be prepared for the post-COVID environment by making our processes digital, lower some of our overhead costs, improve stock control, and give us access to all of this no matter where we are. This was no easy ask, but Zenoti surpassed our expectations and helped us deliver exactly what our clients wanted, keeping them safe and giving them the experience they deserve."


Dublin Nails and Nails One

Nails is Ireland's biggest and brightest chain of urban salons, with multiple salons around the city working with the leading department stores. Dublin Nails and its sister company, Nails One, offer a modern approach to nail care that has made the salons a top pick for manicures and pedicures in downtown Dublin. With multiple salon locations and a full range of treatment options, Dublin Nails and Nails One provide both hospitality and a little something extra, with expertise in contemporary nail art and event services.