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Ready to give your blow dry bar a lift?

Zenoti software delivers everything you need to manage and grow your brand.

Make every day a blowout day with the industry’s best booking software

Book here, book there, book anywhere—and anytime!
Appointment Booking
Our intelligent booking algorithms fill empty slots, keep staff busy and allow more bookings per day.
Mobile Booking
With iOS and Android apps, guests can make an appointment any time they have their phone or tablet handy.
Online Booking
Guests can find, book, and even pay for an appointment on a Webstore custom-designed for your brand.
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Membership programs that’ll blow you away
Attract new guests and keep them coming back time after time with flexible and convenient
membership features you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay in control with features that support the day-to-day needs of your blow bar operations

Zenoti is customizable and easy to use, empowering you and your employees to focus on your guests.
Effortlessly manage your employees with easy scheduling, payroll and commission tracking, performance metrics, and biometric attendance tracking.
Target marketing by demographics, visit history, past transactions, and more. With ‘always on’ campaigns, SMS (text) and email marketing is on autopilot.
Redeem gift cards, package visits, and membership benefits easily and accurately from center to center with a centralized database you can use across locations.
Modernize your blow dry bar with mobile apps that transform the way managers, staff, and customers interact with your business - including Mobile POS.
Take control of inventory management with product data that’s shared across all locations, detailed inventory reports, and analysis tools.
Empower guests to search for nearby locations, view a waitlist, check in for an open timeslot, and then head to your blow bar for the shortest possible wait time.

Make managing your business a breeze

Report on metrics from a single database that’s shared across all locations. Attract guests with smart marketing features and retain them with automated engagement. Manage growth with cloud software that is truly scalable and ideal for blow bar chains and franchise systems.
Operate your business intelligently with end-to-end data and analytic insights.
Improve consultations and conversions with automated lead and sales management.
Build loyalty and retention with a seamless and modern guest experience.
Replace daily tasks with automated processes and integrated tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best blow dry bar software?

Today’s customer expects flexible, convenient services, and 24/7 booking capabilities. The best blow dry bar software solutions fulfil these needs while providing real-time insights into business performance and making operations more efficient. From scheduling to memberships through to product sales, a software must be easy to use and reliable.

What software do blow bars use?

For the greatest success, look for an all-in-one blow bar management software that goes beyond appointment booking and POS. Consider important additional features that help you manage and grow smarter while reducing admin headaches, like e-commerce integrations, smart booking features, and billing and payments.

How much does blow dry bar software cost?

While price is important, it’s key to find a partner that knows your industry and understands how to maximize ROI for your business. The pricing for most blow dry bar software is tiered based on required licenses and desired features. When evaluating a solution, ask the vendor if they charge a base fee and implementation fee on top of recurring costs. Request a quote.

How can I make my blow bar successful?

Managing a successful blow bar requires a high-level of organization to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Responsibilities include tasks such as employee scheduling, finance, payroll, reporting, inventory, customer service, and marketing. Blow bar software automates daily tasks and enables managers to focus on the big picture.

How do you manage a blow dry bar?

Blow dry bar management software can be instrumental to success by taking care of administrative processes, so you don’t have to. Some improve customer experience by increasing efficiency and convenience. Others boost revenue and cut costs. For example, a Zenoti customer using our self-service booking solutions generated $62,490 of additional revenue. Read how.

What makes a good blow bar manager?

A good blow bar manager needs to be proficient in juggling a variety of tasks that are necessary for success. A strategic mindset is beneficial in recognizing opportunities for growth and cost reduction. One such opportunity is investing in solutions and processes that facilitate customer retention, enhance guest experience, and strengthen the business.

Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty

50% increase in self-service booking.

Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies

500% increase in customers using digital forms prior to treatment.

Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

100% increase in direct mail results.

Theresa Savage
CEO, Inspa

70% drop in cancellations using Connect.

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