Your Zenoti Account URL Is Changing

zenoti account URL As many of our longtime customers know, Zenoti used to be ManageMySpa. After rebranding to Zenoti, we maintained some of our early customers’ accounts on the “managemyspa” domain. This summer, all accounts that are live on the “managemyspa” domain will be moved to the Zenoti domain. Read on for more details.  

When Will This Change Happen?

Domain migrations will take place June 30–July 8. You’ll receive a roll-out schedule by July 5 so you’ll know exactly when your Zenoti account URL will change.  

What Exactly Will Change?

Your Zenoti account login page currently uses a URL with the format: [businessName] This will now become: [businessName] This change will happen overnight during non-business hours. When you log in the morning after the change, you’ll still be able to use the same URL but you’ll be automatically redirected to the new Zenoti account URL.  

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • After your account is moved to the new Zenoti domain, you’ll need to update any browser bookmarks. For example, if you have a bookmark for the login page, update this bookmark to point to the new URL.
  • Saved passwords in your browser will no longer work. Be prepared with your login passwords (for your Zenoti account and Analytics). Your browser should ask you whether you’d like to save the password when you log in from the new URL for the first time. (Please note, your password for your Zenoti account remains the same.)
  • If your email templates use images stored in the Zenoti image gallery, you’ll need to update those hyperlinks. To do this, open the email template for editing, find the link and replace “managemyspa” with “Zenoti.”
  • If you have integrations between Zenoti and external systems (like accounting tools) via API calls, check to see whether you have hard-coded “managemyspa” in any calls or links. If so, you’ll need to update these to “Zenoti.”
  • On your website or any other sites, if you have deep-link integrations to the Zenoti webstore and online booking pages, update these links by replacing “managemyspa” with “Zenoti.”
  • Your customers may have bookmarked your online booking page. If this is the case, their bookmarks will no longer work. You may want to send an email letting your customers know the online booking URL has changed.
  • The ManageMySpa domain will be decommissioned a month after the new domain transition. We will communicate the exact date shortly, along with the rollout schedule on June 28.
  The Zenoti team is working to ensure a smooth transition with no impact to your operations. Our redirection plan handles all page hits and API calls. If you have any questions about the Zenoti account URL change, please contact  

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