Your Webstore Supports Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

  We’re excited to announce that your webstore can now be displayed in multiple languages. Your customers in Spain can see a Spanish frontend, UK customers see a completely English frontend and your Indian customers can see a Hindi front end like in the image below. Webstore in Hindi     If you’re a spa in Indonesia, you can by default have the webstore show in Bahasa Indonesia. If your webstore needs to support multiple languages, your visitors can select their preferred language. Webstore Multiple Languages

Here’s how it works.

We already have a few languages translated for the webstore’s frontend. You’ll need to translate your own service menu, memberships, product names, gift cards, packages, headers and policies in each language you plan to support. For example, to update your service menu into Spanish, you would edit a service and click the Translate button, which will prompt you for the Spanish translation or whatever languages you’ve chosen to support.   Translate Webstore   For a step-by-step process to setup your webstore in multiple languages, read our support article – “Support Multiple Languages On Your Webstore”. If you’re interested in localizing your webstore, contact support and we’ll help you get started.  

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