Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

Winter. That word + your mood + your skin = sauna?! Yes. They. Do.

Why should you try sauna this winter?  The benefits to sauna bathing are numerous – your brain will be happier, and your skin will look and feel better, too.

Sitting in the heat of a sauna for 10-20 minutes, stepping out and taking a cold shower or (if you have an opportunity to be traditional about it) a full plunge in a cold lake, is a massive endorphin boost. This is science. Endorphins are our body’s “feel good” chemicals.

Having a sauna session actually releases greater quantities of endorphins than most forms of daily exercise. Sauna also increases your norepinephrine… how scientific should we get about this?

The gist: it makes your brain work better and that alone is a natural mood lifter.

Good for your brain, but what about your body and skin?

Hot/cold/hot/cold, that is the sauna routine.  The benefits of the heat do diminish, so you alternate heating and cooling sessions.  Dry heat increases blood flow to your organs, while simultaneously lowering your blood pressure – hello relaxation!  Sweating is super good for detoxifying your skin and is one of the body’s most natural ways to maintain good health.  The cold will contract your pores and bring blood flow back to the surface of the skin, which brings nutrients to your skin, making for a healthier and more luminous complexion.

Not only is it winter, it’s the holiday season – however you choose to spend your time, chances are, you are going to be busy.  Remember to treat yourself!  Make it easy, sauna is like one-stop-shopping for feeling good.

* Sauna is an aggressive dehydrator, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session.  Water, another benefit to your complexion (really, it’s good for you head to toe).  The benefits never end!

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