We’re tracking salon and spa recovery rates to help inform reopening strategies

Tracking real-time data – especially for the purposes of comparisons over time – is important. Data allow for smart insights that inform strategies and decisions effectively. To assist our customers in crafting data-driven reopening strategies (or re-assess existing reopening strategies), Zenoti launched a “Tracking the Recovery” map and chart based on reopening progress. The recovery data relies on booking trends week-on-week for reopened stores compared to the same week in the previous year.

The “Tracking the Recovery” chart uses data from Zenoti clients, state-by-state. Comparing real-time booking data to figures during the same week in 2019 may give our customers important insights on post-COVID consumer behavior in their state. The state of Montana – which allowed salons and spas to begin reopening on April 27 – provides an interesting example.

Zenoti’s data on Montana reveal a recovery rate of 89.69% during the two weeks following the state’s designated reopening date. This means, when compared to the same time-period last year, Zenoti-powered salons and spas in Montana saw a relatively low drop in customer booking rates (-10.31%). Montana’s healthy 89.69% recovery rate may indicate a few – and importantly complementary – possibilities, including:

  • Zenoti-powered salons and spas in Montana launched successful reopening strategies.
  • Montana customers are ready and enthusiastic for self-care services following lockdowns, trust in salons’ and spas’ health and safety practices remain high.
  • Salons and spas in Montana are operating under lighter reopening restrictions – reopening is widespread.

Given sizeable state-by-state policy differences, it is important to assess this data within the context of each state’s reopening strategy and restrictions. Many states require salons and spas to follow specific guidelines before reopening, including operating at 50% capacity. Other states restrict reopening to certain areas – for example, Tennessee excluded major cities from initial reopening phases. Consider how each state’s reopening restrictions impacts recovery data before drawing insights.

Additionally, as this data is restricted to Zenoti customers (many of which follow individual reopening strategies), it is important to use caution when applying insights to larger market recoveries. Some Zenoti customers are operating their salons or spas based on personalized reopening strategies – this may look like self-imposed service capacity restrictions or self-imposed restricted opening hours. The differing possibilities impact recovery data and must be considered before drawing larger conclusions.

Zenoti’s week-on-week recovery data provides valuable insights on reopening performance state-by-state to help inform reopening strategies. This especially includes the need to quickly re-assess and adjust existing reopening approaches. Here’s how: 

  • If your recovery rate is lower than your state’s average, consider changes to your reopening strategy like more aggressive marketing campaigns. If applicable, you may also consider reducing self-imposed restrictions. Importantly, check to see if your business is operating in a part of your state that may have heightened restrictions before drawing conclusions. 
  • If your recovery rate is higher than your state’s average, allow yourself a moment of congratulations  –  but, during these uncertain times, ensure you keep improving on your success! Importantly, check to see if your business is operating in a part of your state that may have looser restrictions before drawing conclusions. 

Comparing your salon or spa’s recovery performance to your state’s average recovery rate every week ensures you draw relevant insights based on trends, helping you avoid jumping to conclusions from one week’s data. Zenoti will provide refreshed data regularly, so check our “Tracking the Recovery” map frequently!

Zenoti is committed to helping salons and spas reopen successfully. We here at Zenoti wish salons and spas the best as they work to overcome difficult challenges –  remember, we are here to help. 

Discover the “Tracking the Recovery” map and chart here.

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