Using Before-and-After Pictures in Zenoti

before-and-after pictures

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty among medical spa guests is by helping them achieve their treatment goals. But when treatments take weeks or months to achieve significant results, it’s particularly important for customers to see tangible proof of their progress. That’s where before-and-after pictures come in. When used effectively, before-and-after pictures are a powerful way to remind medical spa customers of how far they’ve come. Even better, before-and-after pictures make highly effective customer testimonials for sales and marketing. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a gallery of impressive results speaks for itself. Digital forms for medical spas make it easy to save before-and-after pictures to guest profiles, store guest pictures in compliance with HIPAA regulations and obtain the necessary consents to leverage the power of picture testimonials with prospective customers. Here’s how you can leverage before-and-after pictures in Zenoti.

Adding images to digital SOAP notes

Zenoti makes it easy for spas, skin clinics and other medical spas to digitally document a guest’s treatment progress using Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan (SOAP) notes. With Zenoti, therapists can enter and access notes using a tablet, smartphone or computer. Plus, therapists can capture images and store them directly to the guest’s profile, along with their annotations or notes. Zenoti makes capturing pictures at every session a standard operating procedure. Guests are regularly reminded of their progress, building loyalty and trust, and medical spas have access to the pictures they need for sales and marketing purposes. SOAP note, before-and-after pictures

Using before-and-after pictures for sales or marketing

Before pictures can be used for sales or marketing purposes, guests have to provide their consent. Zenoti makes it easy to capture consent with digital consent forms that can be completed in seconds using a tablet or smartphone. Many medical spas ask for consent to use images for sales or marketing purposes as part of their intake process. This ensures that consent is requested in a consistent manner, rather than an ad hoc basis. Plus, because Zenoti offers digital intake forms, they can’t be lost or misplaced and they’re available to view at any location. Some versions of Zenoti Mobile make it even easier to create before-and-after pictures for medical spa sales and marketing purposes. A gallery of all images is accessible from guest profiles, making it easy to quickly see all images and select two for a side-by-side comparison. Gallery, before-and-after pictures

Complying with HIPAA regulations

Because Zenoti is cloud-based software that stores images in compliance with HIPAA regulations, there’s no need to worry about image storage or sending guest images through email in violation of HIPAA. Service providers at every location can access the images simply by pulling up the guest’s profile, so there’s no need to email images between locations.

Ready to go digital?

Done right, before-and-after pictures are a powerful sales and marketing tool that can be leveraged on your medical spa website and social media channels, and in email marketing campaigns. Zenoti helps you leverage these pictures to attract new customers, and keep existing customers coming back for more. Are you a Zenoti client who’s interested in going digital with your treatment forms? Contact us at If you’re a spa or medical spa interested in taking your SOAP notes digital, let us show you Zenoti in action. Contact us at

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