Use Digital SOAP Notes For A Better Customer and Staff Experience

Use Digital SOAP Notes For A Better Customer and Staff Experience Documentation is a critical component in guest care. Having access to clear information at every step of the guest experience, improves the quality of the treatment the therapist can provide and the guest’s experience. Zenoti makes it easy for spas, skin clinics and other medical spas to digitally document a guest’s treatment progress using SOAP notes. SOAP is an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan, a format that ensures service providers systematically capture guest notes during the course of a treatment. A SOAP form for a massage treatment might look like the following: Go Paperless

Using Forms To Capture SOAP Notes

With Zenoti, you can capture notes along with every treatment. In some cases, you might want to setup a single form, which allows for a series of SOAP notes to be captured. For example, if your spa offers only massages, then you can use a single form with multiple entries available in the same form. If you offer a variety of treatments, you might create a separate form for each treatment. For example, if you are a skin clinic that offers laser hair removal, chemical peels and botox, you would create an intake form that captures the guest’s medical history and a different form for each treatment. Go Paperless

Lookup Past Visit History Treatment Data

Your service providers have quick access to past treatment data through a tablet or smartphone. You can look up the guest’s medical history, notes made by therapists from previous visits to personalize the experience. Track progress against goals for treatments such as weight-loss.

Mobile Support for SOAP Notes

Therapists can enter and access notes directly into a tablet, in a smartphone or computer. Go Paperless

Annotate Images

You can use generic images, or capture and store photos of the guest directly from your tablet or smart phone – either way, Zenoti allows you to annotate images and store notes. Go Paperless Take a picture, mark it up and add comments and save with guest profile. Use this feature to store before and after pictures. Go Paperless Save Versions Save versions of notes to track changes. This is useful if you need to track progress through a treatment course. Versioning captures who made the change as well as why a change was made.

Why Go Digital?

This completely paperless documentation process offers a number of benefits. For multi-location chains, any spa can access a guest’s notes. Front desk saves time storing and accessing files, the spa saves on storage space and forms are never misplaced or lost. Dermal Laser, a leading Canada based medi-spa digitized client records with Zenoti and saved hours. Read the entire case study here – Dermal Laser Gets ‘Peace Of Mind’ With Software Zenoti also ensures that guest data is private with the ability to ensure only qualified staff  can access and edit notes. Are you a Zenoti client and interested in going digital with your treatment forms? Contact us at If you’re a spa or medical spa interested in taking your SOAP notes digital,  let us show you Zenoti in action. Contact us at

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