The Zenoti + Amazon Echo Experience

The Zenoti + Amazon Echo Experience Zenoti helps you deliver amazing guest experiences and our latest integrations with the world’s most popular virtual assistants does just that. The ‘Zenoti + Amazon Echo’ and ‘Zenoti + Google Home’ integrations are paving the way for the future of bookings.

Zenoti + Amazon Echo

A typical conversation with an Amazon Echo integrated with Zenoti 


Your guests can already book by calling your front desk, booking online through your website, or through a mobile app.  And now, guests can book through Amazon Echo and Google Home. The more access points your guests have to you, the easier and more convenient it is for them to find you and make that appointment. And those effortless interactions are key to a successful, end-to-end guest experience.


How many times have new customers found you simply by typing “salon near me” in Google. The Google Home extends this same functionality; your potential customers simply need to say “Ok Google, find a salon near me”. The Amazon Echo, a competing product to Google Home, offers a similar experience.


Virtual assistants offer a level of intelligence that go beyond what other booking channels can offer. Virtual assistants can take on the transactional aspects of conversations, this might include booking appointments, taking payments, or checking guests in for their visit. As a result, your front desk is freed from these types of interactions. You may find that you can reduce front desk staff. Additionally, you’ll find that you can also elevate the role of the receptionist to be more customer experience driven. For example, their primary function may be to greet guests in the lobby area and educate them on the retail products or service menu in order to drive upsells.


The most obvious area with immediate impact is the virtual assistant being adopted by hotels, and serving as an in-room concierge. An in-room concierge allows the guest to interact through voice commands for multiple things. For example, a guest might turn the lights on or off through a voice command. Zenoti supports the ability for the in-room concierge to prompt the guest to book a spa visit, find availability and make the booking.  All in real-time. Sound exciting? Steve Wynn was too; he’s installing Amazon Echos in each room at the Wynn hotel, Las Vegas. Check out his message on why here..


We see Echo’s Alexa and Google Home helping you deliver in more amazing guest experiences and drive revenue. Talk to us if you want to learn more. Request a demo from our website.

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