Stay Fresh for Spring: Optimize Sales with Inventory Reporting

The first day of spring is officially next week, and let us tell you, this is the perfect time to get rid of old things and start fresh!

Usually, you hear of people “spring cleaning” their home, but salon and spa owners can also take advantage of the season’s ritual purging, too.  Here are some ways you can start on a clean slate this spring at your spa or salon:

Get Rid of Anything Weighing You Down

Take a look around your spa or salon and identify anything that’s weighing you down or holding you back. Give low-selling products that are only taking up shelf space the boot. Make more room for products that are proven winners. And if you want to save time on these tasks, check out Zenoti’s spa inventory tool – it makes it a breeze to see what’s selling and what’s not at a glance.

It may also be a good time to check your employees’ performance, too. See who is meeting their quarterly KPIs, and who may need a little extra coaching. You can easily track their performance with Zenoti’s employee management integration

Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations 

Not only can you view the inventory in each spa or salon location, but you can also see which products are doing well at each location, too. And this is important because some products that aren’t doing well in one location may be a hit with customers in another location. That’s the power of cloud software!

Keeping track of salon inventory is vital to your business. To keep those sales coming in, you have to know which products get your customers excited and which ones are just taking up space. 

Here’s the bottom line… 

Giving your salon or spa a thorough spring cleaning will keep your business on track and your customers coming back. With Zenoti salon cloud, you can precisely track all of your inventory, and with Zentoi’s employee management integration, you can easily keep tabs on staff performance, too. 

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