Sell Retail Directly From Your Website

Sell Products Online

Are you selling enough retail? Could you sell more? Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) makes it easier with our webstore, an easy to launch eCommerce solution that integrates with your website. Your online store is also tightly integrated with Zenoti software, which makes managing inventory, running marketing efforts, and driving sales easier.

Sell Products Online
Figure 1: A Webstore that is branded to look like your website

Encourage Retail Sales During Online Booking

In the U.S., 40% of all appointments are booked online – and the rest of the world is quickly catching on to the trend. This makes online booking an ideal and automated opportunity to have customers add retail products to their order.

Promote your products through banners and images during the online booking process. And announce specials for products or those that combine services with products. It’s a strategic way to increase customer average spend and sell more retail!
Product + Service Deals
Figure 2: Announce specials for products or product + service packages

Close The Loop On Marketing Campaigns

Zenoti’s marketing capabilities are built-in and highly flexible. Which means, you can send a variety of email and text message (SMS) campaigns that are targeted to individual customers. For example, set up automated product refill reminders based on a customer’s product purchase history. Or, send product offers based on the customer’s service history. (Zenoti’s Always On Campaigns™ enable you to automate targeted campaigns)

Include links to your webstore in emails and text messages – making impulse purchases or even planned purchases easy. Shipping options in the webstore mean that customers don’t have to visit your spa or salon to receive their orders.

Attract New Customers

An online retail store makes attracting new customers easier. Rather than relying solely on selling retail to your spa and salon customers, you’ll have the ability to attract a whole new retail clientele.  Use targeted Google ads or Facebook ads to attract attention to your online store, or cross-promote your services and retail products.

Key Features For Selling Products In The Webstore

Key features in the Zenoti webstore include:

  • Enable shipping or center pick-up
  • Manage multi-locations easily. Your customers choose the center where they’d like to pick-up their products. Each location has controls over any specials.
  • Manage out-of-stock products. Inventory alerts warn you when stock is low, so hopefully you’ll never disappoint a customer with a “Sold Out” notice
  • Track product sales and statuses with reports

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