New Enhancements This May

zenoti product update may 2018 The May 2018 Zenoti product update includes changes to geofencing capabilities, a cash-back option on card payments, petty cash transactions syncing to Xero and more.

Zenoti Mobile

Geofencing is Now Available for Android Users

Geofencing allows you to create a virtual boundary around your business that’s recognized by Zenoti Mobile. Access to the features of Zenoti Mobile outside of the geofence boundary requires permissions. Geofencing is now available on Android devices (it is already available on iOS devices). To learn more, read the help article.

New Role Permission to Restrict Updates to Geofence Settings

By default, managers and owners can access the Geofence tab from the Zenoti Mobile App. A new Edit permission at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Permissions > Zenoti Mobile > Geofence) allows you to designate additional users to manage geofence settings. Only users with this permission can access the Geofence tab and update the geofence boundaries. To learn more, read the help article.

Scan and Add Products to the Invoice

Previously, the front desk had to manually add products to invoices. Now, the front desk can scan products using a wireless device or a Bluetooth barcode scanner to add products directly to invoices.  

Appointment Book

Give Cash back on Card Payments

You can give cash back to guests when they make a payment with a credit or debit card. This enables them to withdraw cash from their card, which can then be used to pay a tip in cash. A new field, Cashback, in the Take Payment screen allows you to enter the amount being given in cash. After the payment is processed, Zenoti adjusts the cash balance in the register. Important: For this feature to work, an administrator must enable the cashback feature at the organization level by selecting the Enable Cashback checkbox (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings tab > Invoice & Receipts > Invoice Settings). To learn more, read the help article.  


Control Items that Contribute to Free Service Revenue

‘Free service revenue’ allows you to award a commission to a provider even when the service they’re performing was given free or at a discounted rate to a guest. With this upgrade, administrators can define whether services with manual discounts applied or paid for using a free gift card (i.e. sold for $0, but has a value) should apply to free service revenue. This is a center-level setting. Previously, commissions for free service revenue were defined at the organization level. The Therapist Earnings (Day and Month) report and the Employee Payroll report (on export to Excel) will now include or exclude the free service revenue numbers based on your center-level settings. To learn more, read the help article.  


Sync Petty Cash Transactions from Zenoti to Xero

If you use petty cash to manage small business expenses in Zenoti, you now have an option to sync all petty cash-related transactions from Zenoti to Xero. In addition to synchronizing the petty cash transactions to the bank account you created for petty cash in Xero, for each of your Petty Cash categories, you can specify Xero accounts to:
  • Track petty cash expense transactions recorded in Zenoti
  • Track the money added to your petty cash register in Zenoti
To learn more, read the help article.

Maintain Separate Xero Accounts for Each of your Custom Payments

Previously, you could only specify a single Xero account for all your custom payments. Now, if you have multiple custom payments, you can choose to track each of your custom payments with different Xero accounts. To learn more, read the help article.   To learn more about the upgrade, including the minor enhancements, read the support article.  

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