New Enhancements This February

Zenoti Spa Salon Software Upgrade

Appointment Book

Add Product and Service Sales in a Group Bill

You can now add retail (products) and services to a guest’s individual invoice when they are part of a Group bill, without having to navigate to the individual invoice. You’ll now see a tab for Products and Services on the Group Bill. Read the help article Add Product and Service Sales in a Group Bill

Add Cash in Register

You may need to add cash to your register every day to make small purchases, pay out tips, or to give change to guests. When you add cash to the register, the amount will be reflected in the Register Closure summary and email. Read the help article

Email a Group Invoice

You can now email a group invoice in addition to or instead of printing it. The email will look like individual invoice emails and are sent to the group host. If a group host was not defined, then the first guest listed in the group booking will receive the invoice. Read the help article Email a Group Invoice


Create Product Bundles

Retail gift sets, where you bundle multiple retail products for sale are a great way to boost retail sales. Administrators at the organization level can now configure a setting to allow lower level administrators (at the center level) to bundle and unbundle such gift sets. Stock levels are updated with each sale and return. Read the help article  


More Payment Methods Available for Scheduled Payments

Earlier, when a guest had to make a scheduled payment for a series package, Zenoti supported only one payment method, a guest’s credit card. Now, the front desk can sell a package and accept scheduled payments through other methods including cash, check, and custom payments. Read the help article

Guest Management

Create a Target Segment of Guests who Requested a Specific Provider

Guests often become loyal to a specific provider. You can now create a target segment that pulls a list of guests that requested a specific provider, and share their providers’ upcoming availability. Read the help article Create a Target Segment of Guests If you need help activating any enhancements, contact support. Whats New in the january 2018 Upgrade

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