New Enhancements This April

New Enhancements This April Your Zenoti account was upgraded on April 25. Here’s what’s new.



The soon-to-be released booking wizard will transform how your front desk or call center books appointments. In an industry first, Zenoti’s booking wizard uses built-in intelligence that incorporates best practices and business rules to improve booking time, reduce errors, and enforce processes. Plus, its intuitive features and simple design practically eliminate new employee training. The wizard makes booking the most common appointments magically fast. You simply plug in the guest, their requested stylist, and desired date and time, and the system will automatically suggest time slots for the best balance of appointments. The booking wizard will also suggest add-on services, upgrades, and more! These great wizard features also work for group bookings. Your staff simply enters the pertinent information, and the system does the work of finding the best mix of time slots. Can’t wait for the early summer release of the booking wizard? You don’t have to if you want to participate in the beta testing. If you’re interested, please reach out to Sampath at  


When your guests are part of an appointment group, it’s likely they are celebrating a fun event, like a wedding or birthday. To make sure their visit is festive from start to finish, you can now streamline the group check-in and payment process with a new group appointment feature. With this release of Zenoti, you can toggle between a normal view of the calendar and one that shows only those appointments tied to a group booking. This makes it much easier to identify and manage group appointments, especially if they are spread out across the day and among many therapists, To use the new feature, simply right-click on any appointment booked as a part of a group, and then select Show Services in Group Appointment. Doing this hides the other appointments on the calendar so you can focus only on the grouped appointments. Then, you can change the status of the grouped appointments just as you would with a single appointment. This makes confirming, checking in, and taking payments quick and easy. Toggling back to the normal calendar view is easily done by clicking exit in the displayed status bar at the top of the screen. Learn more GROUP BOOKINGS  



Through an integration with OKTA, Zenoti can now support single sign on (SSO) for multiple web apps OKTA securely stores usernames and passwords, which enables users to login to a network of apps, including Zenoti, using a single set of credentials. Learn more OKTA INTEGRATION   If you need help activating any enhancements, contact support.

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