Modify Appointments Quickly From Your Mobile Device

Modify Appointments Give your employees the ability to add services and manage their appointments. This helps receptionists on a busy day, expedites the process for your customers and empowers your employees to be more productive. Check out just some of the ways your staff could benefit from their own mobile app:

Access the day’s schedule

Service providers access their own schedule, in real-time. Any appointments that the front desk adds or modifies will immediately reflect in the provider’s mobile app. Staff no longer has to call in for their schedule or run to the front desk to stay updated and prepared.

Employee Schedule

Check in guests

When a guest comes in for her appointment, typically your front desk would check them in. However, your service provider can also check in any of their own guests directly from their mobile device. This helps the front desk on busy days where they can’t spare those few seconds.

Add services to an appointment

A service provider can add services during their customer’s visit. This is great for when a provider upsells a service to the customer or adds on an additional service. Because ManageMySpa is a cloud solution, all changes reflect immediately, so the front desk always has an updated schedule for each provider. This also removes the need for physical job cards.

Access customer details

Service providers can access their own customers’ (and no others) details and consultation forms, which help offer more personalized experiences. And, just as easily make updates to the guest’s profile and forms, like recording dosage history for a Botox treatment, recording start and end weights for a slimming treatment or even storing color codes for a hair treatment.

Ensure faster and accurate billing

Employees make changes to the customer’s appointment, which immediately update in the front desk’s appointment book and POS. This ensures the customer has a quick billing experience.

Ensure accurate commissions

Your staff will never have to worry about discrepancies with their commissions. They always have access to their current commission earnings and are assured that appointments are being correctly logged into the appointment book.

Employee Commissions

Our mobile app for employees has other exciting features that help employee productivity. To learn more, request a personal demo.

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