Make your Brand Stand Out with a Rewards Program

Make your Brand Stand Out with a Rewards Program

These days it seems anywhere you shop there is a customer rewards program. Not just the grocery stores and coffee shops, but also at the movies, and local small businesses. While a membership program is a great way to encourage regular pampering, a customer reward program is also a great way to incentivize new clients or repeat customers who may not visit as often, to return more regularly.

When a customer finds a service they love, keeping those customers happy becomes vitally important. Not to mention, according to, repeat customers tend to spend 33% more. In the wellness space, we found customers not only spend more over time, but they spend more per visit.

Even my local single center nail salon provides a small discount after a certain dollar amount has been reached. It’s not a lot, but it keeps me coming back to the same place with great service, while enjoying a little added perk. It even makes me opt for more add-on services per visit knowing I’ll get to that discount sooner. I’ve tried other nail salons, but keep coming back to the one with the friendly staff and the rewards I have come to enjoy.

Customer reward programs don’t have to be super complicated. Something as simple as a punch card that offers a free service or a discount off next their purchase is enough to keep customers happy. Leveraging customer profiles within Zenoti, email marketing is a great way to remind customers the benefits of your rewards program.

Zenoti’s Smart Marketing feature can take the guesswork out of communication with guests, and encourages engagement with your rewards program. Smart Marketing uses AI technology to help target who to send such an email, driving the greatest results. Looking to drive more holiday sales? Smart Marketing can be set up in a few easy steps.

As you know better than anyone, retaining existing customers will keep your business growing because your guests walk away feeling great. When they feel great, they tell others about their wonderful experience, and the added perk of the rewards program that keeps them coming back!

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