Make the Most of the New Year

Make the Most of the New Year

As the year draws to a close and January looms on the horizon, it’s just about time to gear up to hear the phrase “new year, new me.” And this doesn’t only apply to eating healthier and exercising anymore. In fact, a study by YouGov found that 24% of New Year’s resolutions were a focus on self-care.

With a goal of helping clients look and feel their best, you may expect to see many new faces in your spa or salon. But how do you keep those new clients coming back, long after they’ve given up on the gym? It may be as easy as offering the right package to help them step out of their comfort zone and find what makes them feel good and keep coming back. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:


An easy way to keep your offerings fresh and fun is to put together packages based on a celebrity of the month. Popping on a lavender-filled eye mask during a deep conditioning treatment or sipping on a glass of champagne while your green face mask dries make for an excellent tribute to Holly Golightly (croissant optional). Simply adding an extra value to a service you already have can make your guests “divinely and utterly happy.”

Holiday/ Seasonal

We all know and love the basic holiday offerings- chocolate facials for Valentine’s day or pumpkin body scrubs the moment a whiff of fall is in the air. Capitalize on some of the lesser thought about seasons by offering laser hair removal bikini and underarm treatment packages in the lead up to spring break or massage treatments to help your guests relax their sore muscles after an intense round of spring cleaning. Take a look at your calendar and get creative!


Think about what evokes certain feelings in your customers. Perhaps a bang trim and a gloss treatment  make your clients feel “poised.” Maybe your guests feel “flirty” after an eyebrow wax and a lip scrub. However you choose to title it, find a way to connect your customers to the benefits of your services and envision that “new me” at the end of their appointment.


Choose services that complement each other well but your guests wouldn’t think to put together. Know your patient’s photofacial would get better results after a chemical peel? Offer a discount when both services are booked. Don’t want to discount? Package the services and throw in aftercare products for free. Use your expertise to help them try something new.


Lastly, make sure your clients are thinking of you during their everyday routines by getting products into their hands. Create a package that bundles retail with a service. Pair a slow-moving product you know they’ll love with a popular service or another faster moving product. Find what works for your new customers and keep them coming back this new year and the years to come.

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