Join Innovate Online, Zenoti’s Online User Conference

Join Innovate Online, Zenoti’s Online User Conference

Today’s beauty and wellness professionals face unparalleled changes in the industry. A perfect storm of obstacles has reshaped the consumer landscape and rendered “business as usual” obsolete. These challenges demand innovation and adaptability. And who knows that better than you – the very businesses leading this transformation?

Introducing Innovate Online, a first-of-its-kind online event series for owners, managers, and employees of beauty and wellness brands. Panels of influential brand leaders from the spa, salon, medspa, and fitness industries will discuss their strategies for overcoming obstacles, leveraging technology, and driving revenue in this hyper-connected, post-COVID world.

Why Innovate Now?

The expansion of technology into every facet of our lives has altered consumer behavior and expectations. Today’s customers expect easy transactions, mobile-first options, seamless experiences, and exceptional service. No longer considered “perks,” these things now form the basis of brand reputation. Brands must embrace a wealth of tech solutions, from mobile-first scheduling to AI insights, to keep up.

At the same time, COVID-19 is upending assumptions about how people gather and exchange services. Many consumers—and employees—hesitate to gather indoors, share devices, or let others handle their credit cards. Even something as simple as manning the front desk becomes fraught when face-to-face interactions pose risks.

Salons, spas, medspas, and fitness centers must get creative to maintain physical distancing and leverage customers’ personal devices for check-in and payment logistics. They must also recoup lost revenue from spring and summer lockdowns. Post-COVID recovery involves not only adapting to social change, but creating robust income moving forward.

That means cutting through the noise of the information age to capture consumers’ attention. Throw out the marketing plans from five years ago; technology and mobile apps drive today’s marketing efforts.

Brands that acknowledge these changes and embrace novel solutions will survive. Brands that hesitate will quickly fade.

Zenoti believes collaboration between industry leaders will create the future we want for beauty and wellness establishments. Collaboration can turn the threat of “uncharted territory” into the opportunity to create the kind of future we want.

Join Us & Innovate Online

Many beauty and wellness brands are thriving despite the challenges and stand ready to share the keys to their success for the good of the industry. Join Innovate Online from the comfort of your home and become part of this powerful learning ecosystem. You’ll hear from industry leaders about:

  • How top brands market their services today.
  • How to drive revenue throughout the holiday season—yes, even in uncertain pandemic times!
  • Which technologies enhance customer satisfaction.
  • How tech can optimize your business efficiency.
  • …and more!

Remember the Stakes

Like you, Zenoti believes that beauty and wellness deeply impact quality of life.

When a customer gets their hair styled, they don’t just look better, they feel confident. A massage rejuvenates the body, but it also invigorates the mind. When people feel at home in their bodies, it enhances their mood, their performance at work, even their daily choices.

By helping people look and feel their best, we unlock their potential. We deliver them back to the world with new reserves of positivity and energy.

The problems in our industry may seem daunting, but the need for our services is greater than ever. Join Innovate Online and help build the future of beauty and wellness.

Forget “disrupting” the industry. Let’s empower it, together.

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