Implement A Birthday Greetings Program And See Sales Zoom


People are unabashedly ready to splurge on their birthdays; and what better way to treat yourself, than by visiting a spa or salon? You can easily implement a birthday themed salon loyalty program that helps you win your customers’ loyalty and attention.

4 tips for creating a birthday greetings program:

1. Be sure to ask for and store your customers’ birthday on their first visit. At a minimum, collect the day and month of their birthday. If you have the year, that helps you target special milestones like their 30th birthday, 18th birthday or graduation and so on. On the topic of collecting data, I also recommend that you capture anniversaries – that’s another opportunity for you to target them again. 2. Send your customers a birthday greeting. A simple wish goes a long way – make it personal and make sure it doesn’t look like junk mail. We’re all about going paperless at Zenoti and so I recommend email or text messages (sms). Text messages break through the clutter and are more likely to be read than emails.
salon-loyalty-program-SMS Greeting
SMS Birthday Greeting
3. Give customers a special birthday promotion. Consider creating a standard birthday themed salon loyalty program around a deal that everyone gets. This could be a coupon, a discount or a free add-on service. Making your offer date-specific will encourage them to act immediately. Consider what makes most sense for your business – an offer valid just for the day, the week or maybe the entire month of their birthday. Whatever the case, send the birthday greeting at least one week before their actual birthday. This gives them time to act.            

                             Special Birthday Promotion Email And Text Message

salon-loyalty-program-birthday-offer  salon-loyalty-program-SMS-offer 4. Give customers a gift! Offers and promotions are great. If you want to go the whole nine-yards, given them a gift. Free services, samples or even a birthday themed gift card. Whether its just a basic birthday wish or a special gift that you’re offering – a birthday themed salon loyalty program is a great way to show them you care.

Make It Happen

With Zenoti software, you can set up a birthday greetings program in minutes. Our automated emails and sms will take care of the rest. Learn more about this cool feature and other ways Zenoti helps you manage your business the easy way – request a demo.

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