Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday With global donations on the rise, it’s no surprise that Giving Tuesday has grown substantially in popularity from its inception in 2012. We’re talking 125% growth in the first year and averages between about 40% – 68% increase in donation every year since. According to the Nonprofit Source report on Giving Tuesday, more than 150 countries participated last year, raising $380 million in online donations, up from $106 million in 2017.  That’s huge – and it’s just the online donation stats! Why? Simply put, people like to give back. We enjoy thinking about the smiling faces that are being impacted, even if they never actually get to see them. Collectively, people realize making others feel better is an important part of life. Giving back is core to who you are as a human being. Not only do you provide an amazing experience to your customers on a daily basis, if you’re like most of our customers, you have a heart for giving back to your community in so many different ways. We at Zenoti are right there alongside you in our individual and collective efforts to make the world a better place. From using Amazon Smile for all our Amazon purchases, to volunteering in our kid’s class, to donating goods to Salvation Army, to supporting cancer fighting organizations like Fred Hutch Cancer Research right here in Seattle, we have a heart to give back as well. As we go into another year, we at Zenoti, are committed to doing our part to help others find the greatness within themselves. Keep an eye out for updates on our mission to help others find their greatness!

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