Give Your Clients the Gift of Not Waiting in Line

Give Your Clients the Gift of Not Waiting in Line

With the holiday season upon us, it’s so important to think of all the various ways consumers like to purchase holiday gifts. According to FitSmallBusiness, NPR found 76% of US consumers shop online and 56% shopped  on their mobile device.

This means while riding the bus or waiting at a restaurant,  people are shopping for themselves and, at this time of year, holiday gifts. With a branded customizable webstore, having your presence online is the start of the great  customer experience.

Giving your guests the ability to book an appointment or make a purchase regardless of the time of day is critical to filling your books, selling more gift cards than ever before, and making your customers happy. Here at Zenoti we believe an online store is so important that we are committed to getting one up in time for the holidays for any of our customers that decide this year is the year for online booking and online gift card purchases. And with BOGO gift card purchases now available as a result of the November Product Launch, even in the mobile app, why wait?

You love making people happy and providing them a great experience. Your online webstore can help you do just that. It means people don’t have to drive around finding parking or fight the crowds just  to get that gift card to send someone on their holiday list in for a peaceful, relaxing experience at your business.

They can shop at their convenience because all they need is right there on your site, with the same look and feel as your store. And who knows: while buying that gift for someone else  they may happen to see an opening for a service at the end of the day when everyone else has gone home and can sneak out for a  same day or next day service for themselves.  After all, 38% of bookings are  appointments because sometimes we need a little pampering to keep that zen through the wonderful chaos that is family and holidays.

As an added bonus, once   online booking is available you’ll see an increase in new guests and same day appointments filling your books without even a phone call.  Honestly, online booking is sticky!

We found that among our customers that have an ability to  book online, 29% are new guests and 58% of them continue to use this method going forward. If you’re ready to gift your clients a stressless shopping experience, we’re here to help.

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