Give the Gift of an Experience for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone has loved ones on their minds. It could be a friend, mom, sibling, or even a child who has made an impact in your life and needs a little something extra. We love the new trend, Galentine’s Day, because it’s a way to remember that Valentine’s Day is to show love to anyone and everyone in our lives, not just a romantic relationship. So what do you get for that special someone in your life? 

In December, we talked about how gift card purchases are up 10% year over year resulting in about $400B spent on gift cards in 2019. It makes sense because finding the right gift can be difficult.

You know what isn’t difficult? Giving a gift of pampering!

And who knows pampering better than you? You know what combination of services your guests prefer and what makes the most popular package.

In our January Product Launch, we announced a new predefined gift card feature that allows you to create a custom gift card for a dollar amount or service bundle, creating a unique promotional offer that you know will make a great gift. 

Think of the possibilities! You know what services are most commonly selected and how to upsell a service with another popular one or add a retail item that pairs well with a service. Create a special gift card, tip included, for any reason at all.  

Even better, these predefined gift cards can be created at the company level to be sold at any or select locations.  Not only can a guest purchase one at a center near them but the recipient can redeem the card at a different location, increasing your brand awareness. 

Not currently offering gift cards? We can help you with that too because the easier it is to purchase a gift card, whether in the store or online, the more people will buy. Our Zenoti team has you covered with a quick and simple gift card set up.

Either an admin can set it up in the platform or reach out to for help.

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