Get Your First Time Visitors Back In

Get Repeat Visitors Getting new customers come in almost every day? It’s time to make sure you get them back in for their second visit and gain their long term loyalty. The good news is, it’s not that hard. The key – stay in touch. Email is a quick, easy way to do just that. Make sure your email has these 5 things to get that second visit. Promotional Email Template Don’t have email addresses? Not to worry, SMS’s work as well. While they’re not as visually engaging, they do ALWAYS get looked at. So craft a friendly, short and personal SMS message to get your new customers back in. Download our FREE ebook to learn more about using SMS to increase your revenue – “27 Ways To Use SMS To Increase Revenue“. At Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa), we make sending emails, text messages and other ways to retain customers easy. If you’re looking for comprehensive software that caters to your marketing needs, request a personal demo.

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