“Finding Great” on Your 2020 Spa or Salon Business Goals

By late February, many people have dropped their New Year’s resolutions. And that includes salon and spa owners, too.

Perhaps you can relate, but don’t worry – it’s not too late to get back on track. It’s only the first quarter of 2020 and there’s still time to meet this year’s goals!

If your resolutions are starting to slide, and you want to get them back on track, here are some solid tips to help you stay dedicated:

Pick Just One Project at a Time

This may seem simple enough, but if you’re not careful, you might find yourself scrambling to complete several projects at once. Think about your goals right now. What’s one project that you may have stopped or maybe didn’t start yet? Maybe it’s increasing your walk-in appointments each week, or creating and marketing a new menu of popular treatment packages for your clients.

It may be challenging – but pick just one. Then, map out a plan for completing it.

Outsource What Drains You

What’s the one task that causes you to procrastinate? Or the one thing you dread doing most? While some may find it to be a little scary, outsourcing specific tasks to someone who specializes in that area can free up your time and help you reach your goals.

For example, if you don’t like writing lots of marketing emails to bring in new and existing clients, consider automating the process with Zenoti’s Smart Marketing.

When you outsource, you’re also saving on costs, since you won’t have to hire an employee and pay them a salary with benefits.

Make Sure Everyone is on Board

You can have well-defined goals and steadfast ambition… but if your employees don’t share your vision, those goals don’t stand a chance. Salon and spa owners often shoulder the responsibility when company goals aren’t met, but it’s important to remember the whole staff impacts company performance.

And your business tools and operational processes should be on board and working to help you reach your goals, too.  Do you have everything you need to provide your clients with top-notch service? Are you using automation to simplify your life and improve your customer’s experience? Using tools, like Zenoti Mobile POS system helps streamline your sales and reporting goals for your entire staff.

Routinely audit staff and operational processes to ensure everyone and everything is aligned with your goals.

The key thing to remember is…

If you’re feeling your New Year’s business resolutions sliding to the wayside this February, the tips above can help you get them back on track. A new decade has arrived and with it a new opportunity to make your business goals a reality. Find your spa or salon’s greatness in 2020!

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