Feature Updates in Zenoti – Nov 2012

ADMIN SMS Balances Update SMS’s are now purchased for the whole organziation, rather than per center.  This streamlines purchases and administration for you. You can choose to block SMS credits being used at particular centers. And, to support a franchise model, individual centers can still purchase their own credits. You will be able to view organization’s SMS credit balance from the Organization screen. If purchasing for individual centers, you can view the credit balance in the Centers page. As per previous communications, please note that SMS pricing has changed. To purchase more SMS credits, visit our pricing page and contact your sales rep or email support. Alerts Alerts can be setup to automatically send an sms or email to managers or specific employees when a certain criteria is not met. For example, you can enable an alert  to be sent when a center does not close its register for the day.  For more details and step-by-step instructions, read the support article Enabling Alerts  > Customize the ‘From’ Email Address When you use Zenoti to send an email, the default ‘From’ address shows up as noreply@zenoti.com.  You can now customize the ‘From’ address to show your own name. You will not receive responses to this email address. This can be updated at the Organization level Settings tab. Choose CST or TIN to be displayed on customer receipt CST# and TIN# are now shown as two separate fields at the center level.  Enter data for the field which you wish to show on the customer receipt. This can be done at the Center level in the General tab. Alert for Membership Expiry Front-office staff will see an alert when booking a guest’s appointment if their membership is about to expire.  Train your staff to sell a new membership at this time! A5 Support for Invoices In addition to receipt printer, dot matrix, and A4 printer, Zenoti also now supports A5 sized paper for customer receipts. Select this at the Center level’s Settings tab. APPOINTMENT BOOK Update to Custom Data Fields for Services For the service custom fields, we’ve added a label with guest name which provides context for the appointment. You can also print the service custom fields’ data. Small Computer Screens Work with Appointment Page The appointment page now works for small screens with a 1024×768 resolution. ANALYTICS New Analytics Dashboards In addition to sales analytics, you’ll now have access to Marketing and Appointment analytics. Use these to gain a 360 degree view to measure and plan marketing activities and understand your demographic and business patterns. Analytics are an add-on product, ideal for multi-center operations. Please contact your sales rep to sign on. REPORTS Reopen Invoices from Sales Report For cleaner, error-free accounting, you can now re-open invoices from the Sales Report and update sales amount and service date, sold date and payment dates. Employee Commission Report Employee commissions reports are now available.  This report provides complete transparency in commission calculations with a list of each transaction and commission over the month for each employee.  The report also shows the total commission for the month. Daily Reports Daily Reports now have a new column that show who created, cancelled, deleted, or  marked an appointment as ‘No Show’.

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