Come Out Stronger: New features designed for the post-COVID world

Come Out Stronger: New features designed for the post-COVID world

Zenoti is here with you through this extraordinarily challenging time. Since quarantine measures forced thousands of our customers and peers in our industry to close their doors temporarily, we worked hard to pivot our road-map to make sure that you can come out of closures as strong as possible.

Our April release delivers features that make it easier than ever for your guests to navigate and engage with your online booking site.

Allowing guests to login via social media

We all have experienced the inconvenience of having to create a new account for every website. To help streamline your guests’ experience when creating an account, we enabled the ability to login to your online booking system using a social media account. Studies show that smoothing the sign-up with social login can increase conversion up to 50%! As people exit quarantine and start looking for your services, a streamlined process ensures that there are fewer points of friction when interacting with your brand.

Enabling guests to reschedule appointments

But we are not only just thinking about the return to normality; we want to make sure that you have the tools you need to help yourselves and your guests. Guests, more than ever, need to be able to reschedule their appointments easily; and when locations are closed, managing a full load of reschedules is daunting. Our new April features include the ability to reschedule appointments through the online booking site , so that guests can handle their re-bookings themselves, easing the pressure on staff, and also enabling them to return to your business easily!

Offering guests more with gift card enhancements

We know that gift card sales are essential to keeping your business running. Last time, we released predefined gift experiences to streamline the gift card sales process. We’ve now further enhanced predefined gift cards in the online booking site. With April, you will be able to sell service-based predefined gift cards through the online booking site, as well as give discounts on predefined gift cards!

Keeping guests informed with announcement banners

Lastly, clear and present communication is critical to keep your customers engaged and informed. To help you keep your customers up to date on your current status and future plans, we have launched an announcements banner in your online booking site for you to make sure you can stay connected to your customers and that they can stay informed.

We are laser focused on helping you through this crisis, and to help you recover. We are in this together, and will get through it together.

For help getting started using any of these features, please contact our customer success team at

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